May 23, 2024

WEDDING.CON SEASON 1 Date of Release: 29 Dec, 2023

Spoken: Hindi

Streaming on: Amazon Prime
The lives of five women who were emotionally and financially duped by con artists using marriage-related websites are revealed in this true-crime documentary series.

The captivating and all-encompassing series “Wedding.con” honors the tenacity of the human spirit while simultaneously exposing the grim truths of marital deceit. The show is an engrossing watch that will inspire and frighten viewers with its stirring interviews and strong narrative.

Viewers are led on a terrifying journey through the ordeals of five women who used marriage-related websites in search of love and companionship, only to be taken advantage of financially and emotionally by crafty con artists in this spooky true-crime documentary series.

The show, which is directed by Tanuja Chandra, introduces us to Sneha, Veena, Priyanka, Nithya, and Sadhya—women whose search for the ideal life partner turned into a nightmare of lies and treachery planned out via internet marriage services.
“Wedding.con” explores a little-known topic and illuminates the murky side of marriage fraud. Although this show has been compared to Netflix’s “The Tinder Swindler,” it presents a distinct viewpoint by exposing the complex web of deceit that is created around weak women.

Every half-hour segment deftly examines the many aspects of the pressure women encounter when attempting to get married, questioning conventional wisdom that implies ‘Akele zindagi nahi kaati ja sakti’ (life cannot be lived alone). The video focuses on the intimidating “checklist” that women find on marriage-related websites.

In keeping with its topic, the documentary follows these women through their personal challenges, illustrating the fallout from these kinds of traumas, which can include debilitating loan debts, self-doubt, anxiety attacks, abandonment issues, and broken trust. The show turns these women from victims into fighters, a moving monument to their bravery and grit.

“Wedding.con” is a cautionary story that urges viewers to pursue love with assertiveness and vigilance. The narrative is heartbreaking and engrossing, inspiring viewers to consider the difficulties of contemporary relationships and the necessity of exercising prudence in the digital era.

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