June 19, 2024

Date of Release: April 28, 2023

Starring: Sujith Kumar, Raja Ashok, Guru Raj, Sukrutha Wagle, Sampath Raj, Hebah Patel, Kamna Jetmalani, Shivani, and Karthik Rathnam

Director: Ranga Anand

Pattabi R. Chilukuri, producer

Director of Music: Naresh Kumaran

Visual effects: Anil Bandari

Editor: Narayan Adi

Rating: 3.5/5

Vyavastha is a brand-new web series produced by ZEE5. Sampath Raj, Hebah Patel, and Karthik Rathnam play important parts in this judicial drama. The director of this web series was Anand Ranga. Watch how things stand.


Hebah Patel’s character Yamini is arrested in her husband’s murder case on the night of her wedding. She asks renowned attorney Chakraborty (Sampath Kumar), the owner of the Chak Mate legal practice, to take on the case. But Yamini switches lawyers since she doesn’t think Chakraborty is trustworthy. Her new attorney is Vamsi (Karthik Rathnam), who works for Chakraborty. The intriguing thing about this is that Vamsi used to adore Yamini. What took place next? What difficulties did Vamsi have during this process as a result of Chakraborty? And who laughed the last? This is a crucial component of the series.

Extra Credits:

In Vyavastha, Karthik Rathnam gave a very heartfelt performance. The young actor was excellent in the series and showed strong acting skills. He had previously astonished everyone with his roles in C/o Kancherapalem and Narappa. Sampath Raj is undoubtedly the star of the program after Karthik Rathnam. Sampath Raj played a famous lawyer who will stop at nothing to increase his wealth and performed an amazing job.

Very fascinating are the sequences that demonstrate how Sampath Raj creates a monopoly in the legal system. The characters are introduced beautifully, and the show gets off to a great start. The actress did a passable job in the short role that Kamna Jetmalani was given. Her character—who is not well-known—touched on a startling subject that the director brought up. The show occasionally becomes entertaining, and the dialogue is wonderfully written.

Minus Points:

It is difficult to discern the true direction of the show after the first episode. Numerous personalities and side stories that have nothing to do with the main plot are revealed to us. The filmmaker does a good job of establishing Sampath Raj’s characteristics, but the show doesn’t really take off beyond that. One after another, numerous situations that are repeated appear. There is a lot of jargon that will cause one to lose sight of the essential idea.

Actually, the undesirable parts of the show have eclipsed its good points. The majority of the segments have no link to one another, which makes for strange editing. Moreover, it gets difficult to understand the message that the producers are trying to get across when Hebah Patel disappears for a considerable amount of time.

The presentation as a whole suffered since all of the attention was on the side stories. The fundamental concept of highlighting the corruption inside the legal system is commendable; yet, the narrative style of the series is unappealing. It also takes a lot of patience to finish the show because it is so lengthy. Once more, the way the show ends is incredibly disappointing.

Technical Aspects:

Naresh Kumaran has a passable background score. Anil Bandari’s cinematography is mediocre at best. There are good production values. But there are a lot of pointless scenes that have no bearing on the main plot that the editing team could have cut. Brahma Kadali, the art director, performed an excellent job.

Vyavastha series, director Anand Ranga performed a mediocre job. He has overstuffed the series with side stories that detract from the main idea. The program also has a lot of amateurism, so even some good scenes don’t have much of an impact. Although the premise had more potential, the series’ handling of the material makes it uninteresting.


Overall, Vyavastha is a prolonged courtroom drama that gets off to a strong start before flagging. The series might have been intriguing if it had been executed well, even though the core idea is sound. However, a lot of attention was paid to side stories that divert from the core idea. This series is boring to watch, with the exception of a few exciting moments and Sampath Raj and Karthik Rathnam’s strong performances.

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