May 27, 2024
True Lover

Title of Film: True Lover

Date of Release: February 10, 2024

Rating: 2.75/5

Starring: Harish, Saravanan, Harini Sundararajan, Geetha Kailasam, Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, Kanna Ravi, and Harish Nagalakshmi Kumar

Director: Vyas Prabhuram

Producers: Magesh Raj Pasilian and Yuvaraj Ganeshan

Sean Ronaldon, director of music

Film directors: Shreyas Krishna

Barath Vikraman, editor

Fame from Good Night Mad fame and Manikandan Together for the movie Lover is Sri Gouri Priya. The movie, True Lover, was released in Telugu by SKN and Maruthi. This romantic play was directed by Prabhuram Vyas. Let’s examine the movie.


College sweethearts Arun (Manikandan) and Divya (Sri Gouri Priya) have been together for around six years. The reason behind the couple’s problems is Arun’s aggressive and possessive behavior. Arun wants to open a cafe, but finding investors proves to be somewhat difficult. Arun takes a job on Divya’s recommendation, but it doesn’t work out. For whatever reason, Arun starts picking fights with Divya. Were Arun and Divya wed? Did all the problems in their relationship end? This is the main topic of the movie.

 Extra Credits

True Lover seriously tackles the same subject matter, whereas Love Today takes a humorous stab at contemporary relationships. Using Arun and Divya, the director attempted to present modern relationships. There are several sequences in the movie that young people may relate to, thus those people will find such scenes relatable. The humor is ok.

Because of Manikandan’s superb and genuine depiction of Arun, we begin to despise him. In his career, the young actor is assumed many characters, and he plays them all with the fullest sincerity. The nicest thing is that, well done on his Telugu dubbing; it’s excellent.

Sri Gouri Priya is outstanding in the film True Lover. It was wonderful how she showed the agony that the unhealthy relationship had caused her. Though it’s a very difficult job to do, Gouri Priya killed it and took center stage. The protagonist and the actress have a nice chemistry. If Sri Gouri Priya makes sensible career decisions, she will undoubtedly succeed. The conclusion makes sense in light of everything that was shown in the second half. Others fit right in with their jobs.

Negative Points

The primary problem with True Lover is its repetitiveness. Almost identical circumstances are created by the director to illustrate the toxic relationship throughout the whole movie. Arun continuously yells at and mistreats Divya, but he quickly apologizes to her. We feel that the film is skirting its issues because so many of the scenes are similar to one another.

The opening and interval sequences, for instance, have the same appearance. Divya tries to conceal the fact that she is with her pals, but her friends’ Instagram stories let Arun find out. There are areas when the convenient lettering is noticeable, which lessens its impact.

There were some interesting moments in the first half, but not in the second. Nothing significant happens until the heroine’s hard-hitting speech in the second half, which sums up the toxic relationship between the lead duo. That is the only point at which the plot advances.

The last hour of the movie drags on pointlessly, and the scenarios are just copies of the first half. The movie would have been fake if the climax had been ordinary, but happily, that wasn’t the case. However, we must hold out for that resolution. Given how important a part his parents play in the narrative, there ought to have been more sequences between the protagonist and his parents.

Technical Aspects

The soundtrack and songs by Sean Ronaldon reflect the mood of the movie. Even the creators chose to depict the negative aspects of the protagonist pair’s relationship using a contrasting color scheme. Shreyas Krishna’s cinematography is powerful, and the production values are good. The length is a significant drawback. These kinds of love flicks require precise editing.

Prabhuram Vyas, the director, has some success. It’s a commendable notion for him to highlight the harsh realities of modern living, and he also got strong performances out of Manikandan and Gouri Priya. However, to make the movie more captivating, he needs to have thought of more original and intriguing concepts. Although the finale is handled masterfully, the second half drags and becomes tedious.


Overall, True Lover is a sincere attempt to depict the difficulties that come with being in a modern relationship, but the filmmaker overstretches the picture and employs a similar set of concepts in the process. There are undoubtedly parts of True Lover that young people may identify with. Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya, who played the lead roles, gave it their all and elevated the film above average. The movie would have had a far greater effect if it had been sharper. You can test it if you don’t mind these defects.

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