June 19, 2024
The Trial

The Trial Date of Release: November 24, 2023

2.5 out of 5 stars

starring Vamsi Kotu, Yug Ram, Spandana Palli, and others

Raam Ganni is the director.

Producers: Srinivasa Naidu Killada and Smriti Sagi

Director of Music: Saravana Vasudevan

Photographer of film: Sai Kumar Daara

Srikanth Patnaik R., the editor

The Trial, Tollywood’s first interrogative film, debuted in Telugu states today on huge screens. See our review to find out how the movie is.


On their first wedding anniversary, Roopa (Spandana Pilli), a police officer in Hyderabad, has a devastating event when her husband, Ajay (Yug Ram), falls from a building unintentionally and dies. Even when Ajay’s family moves on, they revisit the case and charge Roopa with murder. Leading the probe is Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu), who reveals startling information about the couple’s past. What insights come to light? Is Roopa a killer or is she innocent? The film reveals the final truth by solving the questions surrounding the untimely death.

 Extra Credits:

Although filmgoers are accustomed to seeing interrogation sequences, The Trial stands apart by concentrating mostly on this theme. It is the first interrogative Telugu film, as it is being touted. The corresponding scenes have been painstakingly crafted to draw in viewers.

When it comes to performance, Spandana Palli merits praise for her role in this film. She perfectly inhabits the part, and her acting and mannerisms leave the viewer wondering about her character until the very end.

Yug Ram skillfully satisfies the demands of his role although having little on screen time, while Vamsi Kotu also gives a good performance.

Negative Points:

Raam Ganni, the filmmaker, has noble intentions, but in order to keep the audience interested in the first half, he could have picked up the pace. To increase the suspense in the narrative, the dialogue that Roopa and Rajeev exchanged should have been worded better.

Vamsi Kotu gives a decent performance, however there are a few moments where it seems like he stops too much while speaking, giving the impression that he might have forgotten his lines.

Up until the questioning starts, the first half is fine. After that, the actions get a little monotonous, but the filmmaker keeps it to the first half and uses a skillfully written screenplay to carry the second half.

A more well-considered casting choice may have improved the movie and increased its appeal to a wider audience.

Technical Aspects:

In his capacity as a writer and director, Raam Ganni performs admirably. granting greater room for stimulating and imaginative dialogue. The first half of the screenplay has the potential to elevate The Trial to a superb cinematic experience.

Saravana Vasudevan’s soundtrack and Sai Kumar Dara’s exquisite photography greatly enhance the film. Both components help to provide a satisfying viewing experience for the film.


Overall, Spandana Pilli’s excellent performance as the lead actress elevates The Trial to a merely mediocre criminal thriller with strong technical elements like background music and cinematography. On the other hand, the key shortcomings are a slow-paced first half, dull situations, and a weak conflict. Those who enjoy criminal thrillers may be the main audience for The Trial.

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