May 23, 2024

Vadhuvu Date of Release: December 8, 2023

Starring: Mounika, Madhavi Prasad, Sridhar Reddy, Ali Reza, Nandu, V.S. Roopa Laxmi, Avika Gor, and others

Director: Krishna Poluru

Producers: Mahendra Soni and Shrikanth Mohta

Director of Music: Sriram Maddury

Film director: Mahesh Ram K

Anil Kumar, editor

Vadhuvu, starring Avika Gor, is currently streaming on Hotstar. Poluru Krishna is the director of the show, which is based on the Bengali online series Indu. Watch how things stand.


The marriage of Anjuri Indu (Avika Gor) is dissolved after her sister elopes with her fianc√©. This incident disturbs Indu and her family. Indu marries Anand (Nandu) after a year. Even this time, there are attempts to thwart the marriage in one way or another, so it’s not a smooth sailing affair. Even after Indu visits her in-laws’ home, nothing changes. The show revolves around the events Indu had while staying at her in-laws’ home.

 Extra Credits:

One of Vadhuvu’s greatest features is its abundance of enigmatic characters. Their peculiar behavior gives one the impression that something is wrong with Indu’s. However, because we are curious about the characters’ whereabouts, we become engrossed in the show in order to find out.

After a while, Avika Gor was given support from the author. As someone who works to solve mysteries, Avika Gor performed a really good job. She has amazing facial expressions in key moments. Ali Reza is the Vadhuvu surprise package. With the majority of the screen time, he makes the most of the opportunity.

Nandu does a good job in the part, and it looks like the second part will feature more of his character. The background music was effectively used by the creators to set a tense mood. The cherry on top is the dark texture. The remaining actors do a respectable job in their parts.

Negative Points:

The first episode is poorly designed, and the show has a poor opening sequence. It is mainly due to the dialogue’s poor writing. The scenes, meant to be somber, didn’t have the desired effect. A better way could have been taken with the character establishments.

The timing was a little off. Vadhuvu has a brief running length, but because of a few repeated scenes, it occasionally feels rushed. There were no amazing moments to elevate the performance, despite the director’s best efforts to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

We are left with numerous cliffhangers at the conclusion. Everything is saved for part 2, which is frustrating even though the goal is to have viewers eagerly anticipate the second season. If the creators had disclosed at least a few things in the first section, it would have been fantastic.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography of Ram K Mahesh and the background score by Sriram Maddury work together to perfectly set the tone for this suspenseful thriller. There are good production values. The dialogue and editing could have used more attention.

Vadhuvu was directed by Poluru Krishna, who did a respectable job. Although the character development is intriguing, the slow pacing somewhat lessens the impact. As a result, the show succeeds in certain areas but falls short overall. Furthermore, the climax is unsatisfactory.


Vadhuvu is a passable show overall with a cast of enigmatic characters. There were a few noteworthy moments and strong performances by Ali Reza and Avika Gor. However, because of its plodding pace and repetitious scenes, the series isn’t quite a satisfying suspense thriller. There are a lot of unanswered questions and a poor beginning and conclusion. You can try Vadhuvu if you don’t mind these drawbacks.

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