May 27, 2024

Date of Release: October 13, 2023

Starring are Avinash Yelandur, Priyanka Sharma, and Srikanth Gurram.

Muthyala Meher Deepak is the director.

Producer: Kandragula Srikanth

Ajay Arasada, director of music

Cinematographer: Srinivas Vamsi

S. Vamsi Srinivas, editor

Rating: 1.75/5

Today marks the release of Tantiram: Tales of Sivakasi Chapter 1, which features Srikanth Gurram and Priyanka Sharma as the key characters. This movie was directed by Muthyala Meher Deepak. Watch how things stand.

Tantiram Story:

While drinking, a man by the name of Vijay tells his buddies a story. He recounts to them the tale of Baalachandran, a cracker factory owner played by Srikanth Gurram. Because his mother fled when he was a child, Baalachandran despises women. At his father’s desire, Baalachandran marries the stunning Alagini (Priyanka Sharma), but he never stops detesting her. Jinn, a supernatural being (Genie), dramatically transforms his life. How did that come about? This is the main point of the movie.

Tantiram Extra Credits:

The legendary explanation for Ahalya’s transformation into a stone is presented intriguingly at the beginning of the film. The intriguing introduction that explains the true nature of genies piques our curiosity at first.

The movie features just two main characters, and Priyanka Sharma and Srikanth Gurram both performed respectably. The film features stunning, visually pleasing images. It’s okay for Avinash Yelandur in his brief role.

Tantiram Negative Points:

Many things remain unresolved as the creators contemplated saving the entire content for the second installment. The audience will be disappointed when the mystery behind the genie portrayed in the first section isn’t explained.

Because of this, Chapter 1’s tale is so thin that it doesn’t need to be narrated for a full hour. The film puts viewers to the test of patience because there is no reason to drag out this straightforward subject for so long.

Since Chapter 1 doesn’t have enough substance, the creators may have instead given the complete plot in one section. The conclusion twist is easily foreseeable, and the screenplay’s tedium and slow pacing made matters worse.

Technical Aspects:

Although Ajay Arasada’s background score is excellent, his songs are merely mediocre. The cinematography by S. Vamsi Srinivas was excellent, but his editing was subpar. Even though it is only a little over two hours long, it feels like a long movie.

Her Muthyala The idea for a fantasy movie from Deepak isn’t a bad one, but splitting the film into two parts is a terrible idea because there isn’t much in the first one.


While the first few minutes of Tantirum Chapter 1 seem to promise a lot, the fantastical drama that follows is ultimately uninteresting. Priyanka Sharma and Srikanth Gurram performed admirably. This first installment is tedious to watch since it was a really poor decision to divide the plot into two parts. The other two primary issues are the plodding narrative and the dearth of exciting sequences.

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