July 18, 2024
Stepout Cafe

Stepout Cafe features international cuisine, a reading lounge, and a distinctive travel concept. We serve a nutritious breakfast that includes gluten-free and vegan options. Donating books is welcome and comes with a free cup of coffee. With its three distinct spaces, the establishment is ideal for private gatherings, high tea, etc. Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, and vegan cuisine are among the munchies available Stepout Cafe.

Rapid Details

Range of prices: ₹200.00 to ₹600.00

CUISINES:  Middle Eastern, Organic, Mexican, Lebanese, and Italian cuisine

SPECIAL DIETS: Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options

MEALS: Morning, Midday, and Evening

ASPECTS: Delivery, pickup, reservations, street parking, free off-street parking, seating outside, TV, and digital payments, Free WiFi Takes credit cards, Table Service, Family-friendly and dog-friendly

Sort: Cafes, Takeout, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, and Casual Dining

Distinguished By: Ambience, calm, friendly, quick service, and kind staff

Need to Place an Order for Bruschetta Dish

Establishment Year: 2017

Food Menu

Breakfast All Day

English Breakfast (Veg.): ₹360.00
(Prep. Time: 20-25 min)
Light English Breakfast: ₹360.00
Sides & Add-On:    Fruits On the Side
                                     Sauteed Vegetables
                                     Sautéed Mushroom
English Breakfast (Egg): ₹380.00
(Prep. Time: 20-25 min)
Indian Breakfast: ₹240.00

Cuisine and ambiance

The cafe, Healthful, Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans, and is Free of Gluten

“The falafel burger was excellent and flavorful.”

“We had banana crepes for dessert and the falafel wrap and bites were delicious.”

“We had a really good vegan burger and salad.”

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