May 23, 2024
Squid Game

Cast: 456 hapless real-life participants

Creator(s): The Garden, Studio Lambert

Netflix is the streaming service.

Spoken: English

Runtime: 41–57 minutes (as of November 22, 2023; 5 episodes total)

Squid Game: Review of the Challenge: Overview of the Game:

It’s about Netflix launching its most-watched series ever and then realizing, “Wow, that worked really well. How can we take advantage of this?” In the process of approving this reality show that would go down in history as the biggest cash grab, it was forgotten that the first program was a satirical look at capitalism that criticized the concept altogether. Nevertheless, it proceeded to replicate the image of affluent, indolent billionaires (Netflix in this case) observing 456 people battle for a jackpot as they pretend to die each time one of them is eliminated.

Squid Game: The Task Analysis: Effective Strategies

This will be brief because the show is quite annoying. Nothing is effective.

Squid Game: The Challenge Analysis: Ineffective Strategies

Alright, prepare for the following tirade. The Reason for Netflix WHY? Why would you want to replicate a parody of capitalism in a game show just to profit from it by dissecting Hwang Dong-hyuk’s original intent? Putting all of that criticism aside, how did you even imagine that we would be interested in a reality program where 456 players were playing games that we had grown bored of by elementary school?

Knowing that the players that are removed are merely acting out their deaths because they are told to, why should we even care? The gamers here refer to this as a “slumber party”; when asked if he would sleep with another guy, one guy says, “Not s*xually!” Why would any of this even be taken seriously? Lines like “I didn’t know I wouldn’t get any help from the other players” are spoken by your participants. Why? Did they not watch the first episode before coming here? Why are they all behaving so foolishly as a group?

Well, we’ll set aside the cliched, elementary AF games for the time being. What other options are there? Players have been interviewed in order to get to know them better and establish a connection. Netflix, you ought to try studying Indian reality shows to see how they develop a compelling emotional backdrop for their competitors. “I’m here because I’m insecure; girls my age are getting married and having babies,” a 23-year-old girl says as she enters. I am disliked by everyone. Really, do you think we should relate to that nonsense character development?

The goal is to peel the oranges in 30 minutes and then fill empty jars with orange juice. Yes, that is the task; there is no catch to it. HAHA! WHY ALL OF THIS HAS TO BE GONE THROUGH FOR REVIEWERS?

Final Words on Squid Game: The Challenge Review

All in all, Born in the Outdoors—a reality show that followed real-life couples who chose a more “natural” method of giving birth to their infants in the outdoors, with no medical assistance—is the best reality show I’ve ever watched. Yes, Netflix, that wasn’t as bad as this!

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