July 18, 2024


Director Sourav Chakraborty (Rajneeti, Shobdo Jobdo) chose to tell a tale with Chemistry Mashi S1 that has a lot more depth, even if it is reminiscent of stories with a similar slant (Fatafati, Kota Factory, Secret Superstar). This tale features Sucharita, a housewife-turned-vlogger who is detained for allegedly leaking the exam’s chemistry paper. The personalities surrounding her are introduced, starting with her husband Sushobhan, daughter Pulu, son, and daughter-in-law, and we see snippets of her background and how she launched her channel when she is questioned by the authorities. Following her husband’s humiliation, Sucharita decides to start a vlog because she wants to share her knowledge of chemistry with everyone in an approachable way.

Chemistry Mashi S1 succeeds in part because it consistently develops characters in addition to the main performer. This might have easily been a narrative about the struggles of content creators, but that aspect of the story only serves to set the stage for the drama and leaves the viewer wanting more. As the story develops, more links are found, which causes ongoing conflict among the individuals.

Debasree Roy makes a fantastic Sucharita. It’s amazing to see how she overcomes her initial shyness and grows into a confident but anxious woman. As Sucharita’s daughter Pulu, Ritwika Pal plays a crucial role that contributes significantly to the drama’s tension and flow. Sucharita’s bureaucrat husband, Shankar Chakraborty, is a terrific addition. He initially comes off as a poisonous male figure, but as the series goes on, it becomes clear where he’s coming from.

The Sourav has produced a well-made series with a highly intriguing ending that leaves room for a sequel, thanks to superb editing, excellent camera work, and a compelling plotline that jumps between the past and present. For all this, Chemistry Mashi is a worthwhile movie.

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