May 23, 2024

While innovation is always appreciated, it is especially so when it originates from an Indian business. The quirky-sounding Sonic Lamb headphones, the first offering from Indian business Rapture Innovation Labs, have some really unique characteristics. What’s more, the innovation is useful and has tangible advantages. The terms “hear,” “feel,” “immerse,” and “beast” refer to the four foundations of this innovation. Interested? Allow me to explain.

As a notion, the idea is actually rather straightforward. In essence, the guys at Rapture Innovation want you to experience the sound as well as hear it. Thus, they installed a subwoofer within their headphones. With the help of a patented 27mm Impulse driver, the Sonic Lamb headphones replicate sound through body conduction. This functions in tandem with the 40mm dynamic driver, which imitates a subwoofer by air conduction, and specially made ear pads called “Wooferpads.” Delivering an immersive audio experience that thrusts you into the center of the action or music stage is the goal.

Table of Contents

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  • Features
  • Sound quality
  • Verdict


Currently, the Sonic Lamb headphones don’t really stand out, especially the black Obsidian colorway that was supplied to me for evaluation. They do have an Ember Gray with quirky-looking orange accents and a Moonstone White variant. and if you want something a little more distinctive in terms of appearance, one of these would be more appropriate. The style is somewhat conventional; these are on-ear headphones featuring swiveling ear cups, a flexible headband with plush cushioning inside, and thick, opulently soft ear pads. Since these pads can be changed by the user, extras ought to be sold on the official website.


With compatibility for aptX, aptX HD, AAC, and SBC codecs, the Sonic Lamb headphones are powered by the Qualcomm QCC 3034 chip and operate via Bluetooth 5.1. In addition to the removable boom microphone, they also include two inside microphones. It’s unfortunate that active noise canceling isn’t available here, especially for this price range. Smell, Hear, Incorporate, and Tame. Hear is at level 1, and Beast is at level 4, as you can see from the names. There are four different levels of immersion. It’s also important to note that these modes—particularly the beast mode—have quite fitting names.

Sound quality

The Hear mode, which starts at level 1, is useful for podcasts, calls, meetings, and other audio. It also blends nicely with instrumental and classical music. It produces a clear, crisp sound that is excellent for vocalists. With the subwoofer system joining in, the Feel mode kicks it up a notch and promises a well-balanced sound for rock and jazz genres. At this point, the bass kicks in and the song starts to feel a little more upbeat with excellent separation.

The setting gives the audio a new depth and lives up to the Immerse name. The problem is that the various degrees of immersion available here may differ based on user choices in addition to functioning differently for various genres and use situations.

Although there isn’t a companion app yet, I’ve been informed that one is being developed and should be out there shortly. Ideally, it will offer more customization and control.


The Sonic Lamb headphones challenge and take on the premium competition, packed with superb sound quality topped off by innovative, helpful innovation, starting at Rs 15,999 and going up to Rs 19,999 in the final pricing. And for that reason, they are truly unique. Definitely worth listening to.

rating: 8 / 10


  • Suitable for wearing
  • Harmonized audio
  • customized, engrossing audio


  • Absent ANC
  • Not yet a related app
  • Buttons on hardware seem squishy.

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