May 27, 2024
Selling Sunset Season 7

Cast: Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Young, Emma Hernan, Chelsea Lazkani, Jason Oppenheim, Bret Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith, Bre Tiesi, and Mary Fitzgerald

Author: Adam DiVello

Netflix is the streaming service.

Spoken: English

Duration: 80 minutes

Review of Selling Sunset Season 7: Synopsis

There were many strained friendships, disagreements, and unanswered questions as the Season 7 finale came to a conclusion. Tan France, the host, had a conversation with the stunning real estate agents as well as Jason and Bret, the proprietors of Oppenheim Group. They talked about the most contentious events of the season and shared their honest feelings.

Review: What’s Good for Selling Sunset Season 7?

First, let’s talk about the glamour factor! Close-ups of those daring and sparkly clothes gave the reunion show an instantaneous punch that made for flawless red carpet-looks. That was the beginning of what finally turned out to be a beautiful but elegant incident.

The fact that each member was given the same weight is another noteworthy aspect. Not a single celebrity was left unmentioned, from Emma Hernan’s romantic life to Mary Fitzgerald’s life following her miscarriage to Jason Oppenheim’s new “woman.” Naturally, some characters had more screen time, but it was based on the problems surrounding them in the most recent season. Those eighty minutes were largely devoted to Chrishell Stause’s feuds with Marie-Lou Nurk, Amanda Smith, and Nicole Young.

The last but not least step is to normalize discussions about adulthood. Even though we live in the twenty-first century, there are still concerns about sex toys and cosmetic surgery. With Bre Tiesi admitting that she had her face reshaped and Chelsea Lazkani discussing her b**b job, the reunion episode offers a new perspective that is much needed.

Review: Selling Sunset Season 7: What’s Not So Good?

The aggressive marketing approach, in general. Netflix created teasers that gave up all the tea because they were so intent on growing their audience. I realized I had seen each other’s sequences every other time. Because of the excessively detailed advertising videos, I could have skipped the first 45 minutes out of an 80-minute film!

Nor did the questions live up to the anticipation; by the end of the season, they were cliffhangers. Bre Teisi announced her departure from the show in the seventh season finale, but is she really going? You will not be pleased with her response. Be aware that this is but one example; among other things, wait to see what happens to Marie-Lou Nurk’s scene with Chrishell Stause.

Final Thoughts on Selling Sunset Season 7 Review:

Well, if you’re a fan of Selling Sunset, it makes perfect sense. Watch the reunion; it’s entertaining, lighthearted, and serving! I would advise against having too high of expectations if you have been keeping up with all of the updates on social media.

Netflix is currently offering the Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion. On November 15th, at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET/7:30 AM IST, it was shown.

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