May 23, 2024

Jerry Rothwell is the director.

Cast: Olivia Booth-Ford, Tom Bevan, Daniel Lee, Paula Benson, Charlotte Miller, and Christopher Ettridge

 Rating: 4/5

Originally released on October 27, 2023, at 08:03 IST


This spooky documentary explores the most well-known poltergeist case in history, which took place in London in 1977. The protagonist of the tale is Peggy Hodgson, a single mother whose daughter Janet’s strange behavior led her to believe that her home was haunted by a demonic ghost.


Numerous documentaries, television shows, and motion pictures have focused on the eerie incident that occurred in 1977 at 284 Green Street, Enfield, in London. “The Enfield Poltergeist” is the most recent work on this topic. This location continues to be the most well-known and talked about ghost story in Britain. After viewing the four long episodes, viewers can see why it has been popular for so long.

“The Enfield Poltergeist” is a gripping television program that excels over its predecessors and provides an engaging viewing experience. In this docu-drama series, the inventive storytelling and the deft blending of drama and fact are praiseworthy. It explores the 1977 episode in great detail and manages to speak with almost every witness, including neighbors, family members, journalists, and photographers.

The documentary delves into the events that transpired in 1977 at 284 Green Street, Enfield, London, which attracted global media notice because of alleged paranormal activity. The main character was 11-year-old Janet, whose strange behavior was indicative of her being possessed by an evil spirit.

Maurice Grosse, a paranormal investigator with the Society for Psychical Research, was intrigued by this news and offered to help the family. Having spent more than two years living with the family, Grosse used audio recordings and pictures of them to record the entire occurrence.

By including the actual audio video of the family’s terrifying ordeal, this series creatively brings the audio recordings to life and lets viewers hear the events as they happened. Put another way, the performers have lip-synchronized the recordings, so what you hear is the same audio that Maurice recorded onto tape. The series includes interviews with journalists, neighbors, family members, and other paranormal investigators in addition to the Hodgson family.

‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ is a series that defies categorization because it delves into every facet of the spectral incident that occurred in 1977. The story’s producers employ a subtle technique to recreate the tale, successfully frightening the audience in the process. The outstanding performances of the actors who play those associated with the incident also elevate the series to new heights. Like Maurice Grosse, Christopher Ettridge is outstanding.

It takes the risk of going beyond what audiences have seen in movies and television shows based on this eerie episode. Ultimately, this documentary-drama perseveres as an engrossing account of an event that garnered global interest.

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