May 23, 2024
Sony InZone Buds

With its latest InZone Buds, Sony combines its expertise in TWS technology with a gaming accessory that was greatly required for PlayStation 5 and PC users. Though they cater to a largely untapped demographic, the earbuds may not be creating a whole new category for TWS audio equipment. Long gaming sessions may be rather taxing on gaming headphones due to their weight, but this issue has been resolved with the introduction of specialized gaming earphones.

Sony may have created the greatest version of the InZone Buds to date. It’s undeniable that Sony was influenced by the WF-1000XM5, but in order to cater to gamers, it needs to provide much more than just Active Noise reduction.

Rating: 8 / 10


The classic black and white elements found in the design of the PlayStation 5 are also used in the Sony InZone Buds. If PlayStation players are seeking some consistency, this will go well with their system and controllers. There’s also a black version that has a somewhat more muted appearance and adheres to Sony’s signature beautiful yet timeless design.

I’m glad that the InZone Buds don’t follow the cliché, as most gaming gadgets and even smartphones have RGB lighting. Even when not being utilized for gaming, the general presentation is timeless and appropriate.

Although the buds seem big at first, using them is actually very comfortable. Even after playing the PlayStation 5 nonstop for four hours, I didn’t feel exhausted.

Features & Connectivity

Since they don’t use Bluetooth to connect to your PC or PlayStation 5, the Sony InZone Buds aren’t your standard completely wireless earphones. Despite having Bluetooth capability, there was very little connection at all when using it with a smartphone or even the Nintendo Switch.

The InZone Buds offer the same level of refinement as Sony’s WF-1000XM5/XM4 wireless earbuds because they include Active Noise Cancellation. The earbuds perform a fantastic job of providing an immersive audio experience and isolating sound. Just like the InZone H9, the earbuds feature spatial audio; however, sending an image of your ear is necessary. After mapping your ears, Sony will adjust the soundscape to suit. Although I thought this procedure was a little tedious, it does the job, so that’s something.


The Sony InZone earphones must be accurate, immersive, and long-lasting since they are meant for gaming. The majority of gaming earbuds lag in some way, but the 2.4GHz connection ensures that the sound is transmitted as accurately as possible. There won’t be any lag at all, which is one of the key needs for a gaming audio device. The InZone earphones are among the most immersive audio accessories for your PC and PlayStation 5 when combined with spatial audio and active noise cancellation (ANC).

The earbuds have excellent mid- and high-frequency brightness, which makes them perfect for gaming sound effects. But they sound muddy and lack depth in the lower frequencies, which lessens the impact of important moments. But the expansive soundstage.


The Sony InZone Buds, which retail for Rs 17,990, may be the ideal addition for gamers looking to replace their heavy gaming headsets. Although the flawless sound quality creates an immersive experience, its utilization is restricted by a poor microphone and sporadic connectivity. The Sony InZone Buds are a fantastic addition to any gamer’s setup, with features like Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio.

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