May 27, 2024

Eagle is the name of the movie.

Date of Release: February 09, 2024

Rating: 3/5

Starring: Madhoo, Ajay Ghosh, Praneetha Patnaik, Navdeep, Srinivas Avasarala, Anupama Parameswaran, Kavya Thapar, Vinay Rai, and Ravi Teja

Karthik Gattamneni, director

T.G. Vishwa Prasad, producer

Director of Music: Davzand

Cinematographers: Kamil Plocki, Karm Chawla, and Karthik Gattamneni

Karthik Gattamneni, editor

Maharaja in Mass Eagle, an action thriller, is the latest creation of Ravi Teja. This is Ravi Teja’s most anticipated endeavor to date. The megaphone was held by well-known cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni. Let’s see if the movie met or exceeded our expectations.


Talakona native Sahadev Varma (Ravi Teja) grows uncommon wild cotton. Journalist Nalini (Anupama Parameswaran) discovers that there is a strong market for Sahadev’s uncommon cotton in Europe. Nalini gets into difficulties after writing an article about him. She finds out that Sahadev is the target of the greatest desire for terrorists, naxals, and RAW. This Sahadev—who is he? Why is he the target of these groups? How come he’s in Talakona? The solutions are in the movie.

 Extra Credits

Ravi Teja tried something new and stepped outside of his comfort zone with Eagle. The performer was excellent as Sahadev, and he portrayed his age. He has a fantastic on-screen presence, body language, and get-up. Even though we don’t witness the typical Ravi Teja, his nuanced acting nevertheless wows us. In every action scene, he excels.

The director insisted throughout the promotional interviews that Eagle addresses a worldwide problem. The global issue that the movie raises is still very pertinent. It’s something that we see a lot of these days. It has a clean connection to the love tale. Ajay Ghosh’s humor is passable.

Even though she has less screen time, Kavya Thapar gives her character greater depth, and she plays the part well. The love track is original and logical. Action fans will be in for a treat with Eagle’s incredible action scenes. The action scenes are masterfully designed and shot. The action choreographers deserve praise for their inventiveness. During the battle sequences, the camera movements and production values are amazing. Some decent people are Vinay Rai, Anupama, Navdeep, Srinivas Avasarala, and others.

Negative Points

Eagle’s performance in the first half was far from ideal. The film makes an intriguing start, and as it progresses, elevations become the main theme. The director made an effort to reveal the mystery of the protagonist’s character through altitudes, but eventually, it gets monotonous and a little dull.
For most of the first half, the pacing is poor, and the major story doesn’t start until the interval. The crew tried something different for the dialogue section, but it was irksome and overly difficult. This element could somewhat harm the movie.
Numerous movies have served as inspiration for the director, as evidenced by numerous scenes.

Technical Aspects

Eagle is among the best Telugu movies ever made, technically speaking. Though criticisms regarding Telugu cinema’s technical standards are common, Eagle is a strong film in terms of technical aspects. The action scenes and photography in particular are breathtaking.

The filmmakers should be commended for presenting the film in such a chic way while staying within their budget. The songs are ok, but the background score is good. The film could have been somewhat edited by the editing team.

Regarding Karthik Ghattamaneni, the director, he performed passably on Eagle. Although the first half lacked quality, he makes up for it with a strong, stylish, and substantive second half. Karthik gave Ravi Teja a distinctive avatar to work with, but he need to have paid more attention to the early half and the dialogue.


Eagle addresses a worldwide subject overall, and most of the second half is captivating. The film’s strengths lie in Ravi Teja’s new identity, his nuanced acting, and the incredible action scenes. Although the director’s vision of a new-age action movie is admirable, the film occasionally overdoes it with grating dialogue and build-up scenes. Furthermore, the first half needs to be executed considerably better. You can try it if these disadvantages don’t bother you.

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