May 27, 2024
To Kill a Tiger

To Kill a Tiger Story

In this documentary, a father’s unwavering quest for justice for his 13-year-old daughter—who was brutally raped by a gang—is shown.


In one of the documentary’s most moving scenes, Ranjit, the father of a 13-year-old girl who was brutally raped by a gang, says, “Whatever happens, I have to fight to the end.” This quote captures the spirit of the documentary as well as the commitment and fortitude with which he decided to pursue justice for his victimized daughter. Such bravery from a father is uncommon, particularly in the face of overwhelming difficulties compounded by his lowly upbringing. While seeing “To Kill a Tiger” can be emotionally taxing, the filmmakers of this Oscar-nominated documentary should be commended for choosing this topic and for making a poor man the main character and showing his eventual success.

“To Kill a Tiger” explores the terrifying 2013 gang assault incident that rocked Jharkhand’s Bero region. A 13-year-old girl was brutally attacked by three boys, one of whom was her distant uncle, after a marriage ceremony. Ranjit, the victim’s father, showed incredible bravery in pursuing justice for his daughter in the face of insurmountable obstacles and his humble upbringing. With the help of the local NGO Srijan and armed with bravery and resolve, he won an incredible battle when the local court decided in the girl’s favor, sentencing the three accused to 25 years in jail.

The film’s director, Nisha Pahuja, has handled the subject matter with extraordinary tact, steering clear of sensationalism for the show. Three people are the main subjects of the documentary: the accused, the family of the victim, and the non-governmental organization that helped Ranjit bring the case to court. Although Nisha interacts with the majority of Srijan and Ranjit’s family members with skill, the scant representation of viewpoints from the accused family represents a lost opportunity. We only get to hear from the father of one of the accused once. The documentary does a good job of capturing the difficulties Ranjit’s family faced in their pursuit of justice. A few voices proposed that the girl be married to one of the guilty to protect the victim’s family from social rejection.

This movie provides a poignant examination of the widespread gender disparity in our country. These examples show that despite major economic achievements, social equality remains an impossible objective. It serves as a reminder that to reach full development, these societal concerns must be addressed. Despite delving into the topic of rape, the film ultimately manages to dramatize its message and tell a positive tale. Viewers find themselves rooting for Ranjit and experiencing his emotional journey, much like Amit Singh, a Srijan employee whose tears reveal a great deal about the court’s judgment. Watching this moving documentary will move you to tears and provoke thought at various moments.

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