June 18, 2024
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4

Businesses don’t have to alter their wireless earphones much every generation. Sometimes all that’s needed to update a fantastic set is to make it more dependable and add features that increase its longevity. Sennheiser has achieved this with the $300 Momentum True Wireless 4. The company’s fourth-generation earbuds feature redesigned Bluetooth technology, higher-resolution sound, support for Bluetooth LE Audio, and a feature that extends battery life in addition to the superb sound quality I’ve come to expect from Sennheiser. However, not everyone will experience the same advantages that I did when reviewing Momentum True Wireless 4.


The sole visual distinction between the Momentum True Wireless 4 and the 3, which are the silver/black and silver/white models, is the addition of a new copper/black color option. To assist you obtain the perfect fit, the business is now including three sizes of stabilizer arcs in addition to an extra-small fourth set of ear tips. You have assistance there as well since the Sennheiser Smart Control app offers a fit test. With an IP54 rating, the business has further improved the dust and moisture protection here, making it capable of withstanding small debris in addition to water spray.

All the same, the Momentum True Wireless 4 has undergone some significant modifications. This features a Snapdragon Sound upgrade for Qualcomm’s S5 Sound Gen 2 platform. This fourth-generation set of wireless earphones is more dependable thanks in part to the Bluetooth update I mentioned. Sennheiser is addressing concerns with dropouts and the companion app not recognizing the Momentum True Wireless 3 that users had experienced.

Software and features

The Momentum True Wireless 4’s settings and personalization choices are all accessible through the company’s Sound Control app, just like with more contemporary Sennheiser audio equipment. Quick access to battery percentages, Bluetooth connections, customized sound, ANC settings, transparency level, touch control reconfiguration, fit test, and Sound Zones is provided via the primary interface. With the last feature, you may programmatically adjust audio parameters like as ANC and transparency based on your current position. Up to 20 of these “zones” can be configured for locations such as the office, home, and gym. To utilize this, of course, you have to allow the app to track your location.

For improved audio quality, Snapdragon Sound is a useful feature if your recent high-end Android phone has it. When streaming from a suitable music provider, the Qualcomm chip in such devices may produce “flawless” lossless audio, according to Sennheiser. Here, there are two options: lossless at 16-bit/44.1kHz with aptX Lossless and high resolution at 24-bit/96kHz with aptX Adaptive.

Finally, there is a quality-of-life update regarding the battery. Sennheiser included a battery protection option that prevents the buds from charging past 80 percent to sustain improved performance over time. This is crucial because earbud batteries are rarely replaced, and keeping them from overcharging will increase their longevity. It’s good to see the company producing a longer-lasting product, even though it will affect the environment.

 Sound quality

Sennheiser has long been known for producing high-quality audio, and the Momentum True Wireless 4 is no exception. Despite the company’s claims that the Momentum True Wireless 4 has “evolved tuning” with features like “smoother treble response, extensive bass, and effortless midrange,” I was unable to notice a significant difference between the model and the previous one. And that’s okay because the Momentum True Wireless 3 had a fantastic sound to begin with.

This still has a lot of clarity and detail, and it has a pleasant, cozy sound profile that you can listen to for hours on end. The low-end tone never takes center stage, even though the bass is powerful and boomy when the situation calls for it, as in Incendiary’s “Lie of Liberty.” The texture of the distorted guitars, the clanging hits on the ride cymbal, and other details on that opulent hardcore track are very plainly audible. The amount of detail increases when you listen to something mellow, such as Charles Wesley Godwin’s Apple Music Sessions.

Owners of iPhones shouldn’t feel left out, since the Momentum True Wireless 4 also produces excellent AAC streaming. It helps that Apple Music has better audio quality than competing providers, especially when the songs are Dolby Atmos compatible.

ANC performance

The Momentum True Wireless 4 boasts an adaptive ANC system, similar to its predecessor, that adapts to changes in your surroundings automatically to provide a more “immersive listening experience.” I saw no appreciable improvement or decrease in Sennheiser’s noise-canceling setup on this updated model, and Sennheiser did not point out any differences. Like other earbuds and headphones, the ANC performs admirably in most environments but has trouble with noises like human voices. Additionally, I discovered that it isn’t as durable as the greatest Bose and Sony buds when it comes to continuous noise sources like noisy fans and white noise generators.

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