June 18, 2024
Itel P55+

In the Indian smartphone market, Intel has grown to be a significant participant, particularly in the offline budget market. Following the release of the Itel P55 with 5G for less than Rs 10,000, the company has returned with the Itel P55+, a new version sans 5G.

The new phone costs roughly the sameā€”Rs 9,999, to be exact. However, the new version has several cool features, like a 256GB memory bandwidth increase. It also has a vegan finish, which gives the sub-Rs 10K sector and the Itel P-series a more youthful feel.

Ratings: 7.5 / 10


The Itel P55+ is proof that high-quality 4G phones without exorbitant sticker prices can still be found in 2024. For less than Rs 10,000, it provides a strong battery backup, quick charging times, and 256GB of built-in storage. Considering the competition in the segment, the display is also satisfactory. If it matters to you, though, its cameras are mediocre, so don’t hold your expectations too high. All things considered, though, it’s a good purchase for novice users.

Design and display

The Itel P55+ appears high-end and doesn’t feel like a smartphone under Rs. 10,000 at first glance. It has a vegan leather finish and a stylish design. Two sizable cutouts for the dual cameras are located on the rear panel.

I’m reviewing the green device with the imitation leather trim. Although it’s difficult to confirm the quality, it feels wonderful in the hand. Over time, the leather may get cracks and perhaps gather smudges and grime. Therefore, using the protective case that comes in the package is advised. Although the colors purple and black are not available for the Intel P55+, they do not have a leather finish.

As previously indicated, the Itel P55+ has an elegant design, which is uncommon in this class of smartphones, which are typically large. It weighs 187 grams and has a thickness of almost 8 mm. That and the Realme C53 (review), a well-liked option in the sub-Rs 10K range, are about the same size. However, the Redmi 13C 4G (available for Rs 7,999 and above) weighs 192 grams and has a thickness of 8.1 mm, making it comparatively heavier.

The Itel P55+ has a fingerprint scanner integrated into its power button, USB-C for charging and an audio jack as buttons and ports.

For reading and watching brief videos, the Itel P55+’s display performs respectably overall. The only widevine clearance available is L3, thus you can only watch movies and videos in standard definition (SD) on YouTube and OTTs. The native audio quality is mediocre and there are no stereo speakers.


The Itel P55+ has an 8MP front camera for selfies in addition to two cameras on the rear (50MP + 2MP). Two sizable holes in the back panel provide the appearance of a larger sensor.

Although the Itel P55+ has an outstanding modern appearance, its main strength is not its cameras. The majority of images taken in both bright and low light show the same issues with clarity and color balance.

It also has trouble distinguishing between the appropriate red hues. Additionally, there may be inconsistent results. The phone changed from light orange to dark red during our testing, and vice versa. However, the primary 50MP camera does a good job of identifying green palettes.

Performance and software

Numerous devices in this category are powered by Unisoc’s T606 octa-core chipset, which is fueled by the Itel P55+. Although it isn’t the most potent chipset in this class, it has enough capability to run programs like Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, WhatsApp, and G.C. There may occasionally be glitches and mishaps, but these are typical problems with a lot of smartphones in this market.

You won’t have any heating problems when playing well-known games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers. Playing (and loving) challenging games like BGMI, however, could call for extra energy. The mistouch problem could make challenging games harder to play.

The device still costs less than Rs 10,000, despite having 256GB of internal storage. Even if it still uses outdated storage standards, the Itel P55+ merits praise for raising the bar for built-in capacity in the market.

The phone has pre-installed apps and is powered by a custom skin based on Android 13. Thank goodness, the Android OS is highly customizable.

Battery and charging

Even when the 90Hz refresh rate is turned on, the 5,000mAh battery of the Itel P55+ provides a reliable battery backup. With only light gaming, it can last all day. In the PCMark battery test, the phone received a respectable score (almost 9 hours).

Nonetheless, it has the fastest charging speed in the category. A 45W charger that can fully charge the phone from 0% to 100% in about 60 minutes is included with the phone. About 58% of the battery is available after 30 minutes of charging.

Final verdict

For customers who prioritize efficiency and are on a budget, the Itel P55+ is a good alternative. The phone shines in areas like built-in storage, battery life, and charging speed. Although the display is good enough, it could have been much better with a full HD screen.

But if you care about cameras, you shouldn’t expect much from phones in this category, much less the Itel P55+. And for an extra Rs 1,000, the Lava Blaze 2 5G is a respectable choice if you want to take advantage of 5G internet and a clean Android experience. If you’re content with 4G, the Itel P55+ is a great choice.

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