May 23, 2024
The Creator


This epic sci-fi action thriller, directed and written by Gareth Edwards (“Rogue One,” “Godzilla”), is set in the middle of a future war that pits artificial intelligence against humanity. A hardened former special forces agent named Joshua (John David Washington, “Tenet”) is hired to find and eliminate the Creator, an elusive creator of advanced artificial intelligence who has created a mysterious weapon that has the potential to end the war—and humanity itself. Joshua is mourning the disappearance of his wife, Gemma Chan (“Eternals”). As Joshua and his group of elite operatives cross enemy lines and enter the shadowy depths of AI-occupied territory, they find that the AI that Joshua has been ordered to destroy is a small child (madeleine Yuna Voyles), who represents the world’s end.

Science fiction, action, and adventure

Language of Origin: English

Director: Edwards, Gareth

Producers: Jim Spencer, Arnon Milchan, Kiri Hart, and Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards and Chris Weitz, authors

Theater Release Date: September 29, 2023

Nov. 14, 2023 (Streaming) is the release date.

USA Box Office (Gross): $40.8 million

Duration: 2 hours and 13 minutes

The 20th Century Studios distributor

Production Companies: New Regency Productions, Entertainment One, and 20th Century Studios

Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos sound mix


In the conflict between artificial intelligence (AI) and humanity, a former US agent has to make a crucial decision. He is tasked with tracking down the mysterious creator, also known as Nirmata, who is the architect of advanced AI. However, when he comes across a young girl who possesses extraordinary powers, things get unexpectedly complicated.


In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is king, these machines that are meant to help us also pose a threat because they have the ability to take away not just our jobs but also our very lives. Against the backdrop of an AI robot-human conflict, “The Creator” is a thought-provoking and topical film. An old news report about how robotics and artificial intelligence have impacted many facets of our lives opens the movie. Following the destruction of Los Angeles by an AI-powered bomb, the US government terminates all of its AI initiatives. However, a fresh danger is appearing in the shape of New Asia, where robots are assiduously blending into the human population.

Gareth Edwards, the director, and Chris Weitz, his co-writer, completely immerse us in this fantastical world that seems and feels dangerously real. The movie “The Creator” can be tedious at points due to its slow pacing and intricate sci-fi story. Though implausible, the film’s extreme concepts are not wholly unreal. Still, ‘The Creator’ keeps Nirmata’s true identity a mystery throughout.

The emotional connection between the young AI robot Alphie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles) and the former US soldier Joshua (John David Washington) is poignant and powerful. Little Voyles does a fantastic job portraying a character who is both strong and vulnerable at the same time. Without taking away from Alphie’s incredible power, the young child gives the character the necessary innocence and cuteness. It almost seems too easy to write Allison Janney off as the US Army’s cunning and highly motivated Colonel Howell.

“The Creator” does a fantastic job of making a point about the potential of artificial intelligence and technology in general. Even in moments when the writing lacks coherence, the film’s visual genius remains consistently excellent. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer complements the action brilliantly, and when combined, these components give the made-up world of AI as humans life.

‘The Creator’ vividly and extravagantly confronts us with our deepest fears related to AI. Even though we can be skeptical of it, it does highlight the harsh realities of the benefits and drawbacks of the new technology, which is a fact that cannot be ignored.

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