May 27, 2024
BenQ X300G

Although they have been available for decades, projectors have often only been used in a few specific situations. When compared to TVs and monitors, the device’s physical size, slow response time, significant space demand, and poor color fidelity are the most frequent complaints from consumers. Consequently, projectors have primarily been utilized in boardrooms, classrooms, and specialized home theaters for viewing films. Having said that, BenQ appears to be attempting to reach a completely new market with the X300G, their newest projector. With its features and pricing range, this gaming-focused projector has the potential to be a game-changer. This projector has been in my possession for around two weeks.

BenQ X300G Rating: 8.5 / 10

Hardware and Design

A portable short-throw projector is the BenQ X300G. Short-throw projectors are made to show a large image at a short distance for those who are unfamiliar with them. Thus, you are able to use this projector within your own room. Although this might not seem like a significant thing at first, my use of this item was greatly influenced by its convenience. I just put the projector in my room against one wall and began casting on the other, rather than putting it up with a projection screen in my basement. Because I didn’t have to move to a different room to use this enormous virtual screen instead of my laptop, I found myself utilizing the projector almost every day.

The projector is light enough to carry with you and move about with ease, weighing only 3kg. Consider the following scenario: you want to attend a movie or a football or cricket match with your pals on the weekend. The projector is easy to transport in a backpack to your friend’s house, where it may be used to create a large display on any wall or screen. This physical factor’s extreme simplicity combined with its ability to project a picture up to 120 inches from just 3 meters away make it perfect for widespread usage.

Features and specifications

Let’s talk about the criteria provided here before I go into further detail about my experience. A 3LED light source projector with a 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) resolution is the X300G. It can reproduce 95% of the colors defined in the Rec.709 standard since it supports 95% of the Rec.709 color gamut. The projector has a high dynamic range and is compatible with HDR 10 and HLG. Its max brightness of 2000 lumens is enough for some ambient light, but you will experience some visibility problems if you use the projector in a well-lit area. The X300G provides a range of projection sizes, from 60 inches to 120 inches in clear focus mode and anyplace in between.

The X300G has three connectivity options: a USB Type-C connector, a USB Type-A port, and an HDMI 2.0 port that supports Audio Return+ 7.1. The projector has an inbuilt Android TV (11) that you can use to stream entertainment from applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, JioCinema, and more if you don’t want to connect any other storage or devices.

features specific to gaming

BenQ X300G There are three pre-programmed game modes available for the X300G: RPG (Role-Playing Game), FPS (First Person Shooter), and SPG (Sports Game). The projector automatically adjusts the sound and images to match the selected game mode when using CinematicColor and CinematicSound.

RPG mode: Provides surround sound and vibrant, movie-like color.

FPS mode: enhanced surround sound and deeper dark details to ensure you can see footfall.

Realistic live-broadcast vocals and players’ natural skin tones characterize the SPG mode.

BenQ X300G  projector’s low input lag is its most noteworthy feature. When casting 1080p resolution video at 120Hz refresh rate, the X300G has an 8ms latency; when casting 4K resolution video at 60Hz, the delay is 16ms.

Playing the Game

I used the X300G to test the PlayStation 5’s performance across a variety of game genres. I’ve played games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, NBA 2K23, EA FC 24, and Need for Speed Payback, among others. To be honest, my expectations were rather low. The projector’s real response time, nevertheless, caught me off guard. To put things in perspective, I was able to play Call of Duty and FC 24 competitively in online matches. If any of you have ever played these games, you are aware of how important response speed is when playing online. It is important to note that the performance was in no way comparable to that of a gaming display.

Visual encounter

In addition to playing games, I used this projector to test a ton of 4K stuff on my laptop and streaming services. The HLG format, which combines SDR and HDR data into a single stream so the projector can produce a better image, is supported by the X300G. The projector did a good job of reproducing color and highlighting details. The motorized optical zoom in particular helped to ensure that the projected image maintained quality even as it grew in size. Because streaming services have lower bitrates than UHD CDs, they do not give the same fidelity, but overall, I thought the 4K content was pretty good.

One thing to keep in mind is that the projector performs less well in semi-lit spaces since ambient light has a negative effect on the colors. Ambient light is difficult for the projector to handle, even at maximum brightness.

However, the visual quality does show through if the room is sufficiently dark. The visual quality available here is amazing for the price, unless you intend to watch your video in a semi-lit environment.

Sound quality

There are two 8W treVolo speakers on the X300G. The latest digital signal processor (DSP) from Bongiovi powers the audio performance. According to the manufacturer, Bongiovi DSP has 120 calibration points and unique algorithms that optimize any audio signal in real time. For a more immersive cinematic audio experience, this DSP improves stereo field imaging and adds depth, clarity, definition, and presence.

Although I had anticipated that the projector’s two 8W treVolo speakers would perform admirably, these speakers surpassed my anticipations. It was a good enough surround sound experience that I didn’t immediately consider plugging in additional speakers. These speakers consistently produce booming sound, and the bass response is good.


Almost every member of my family and friends who seen the BenQ X300G in operation during testing asked questions regarding its cost and availability. Even though they may decide not to purchase the goods, this demonstrates how excellently it performs. This projector is great for gaming and watching movies and TV shows, among other things. With its excellent sound quality, small size, and high definition picture, it might be a good substitute for the high-end large-screen TV you were thinking about purchasing. The X300G is currently available on Amazon in India for Rs 1,52,490. You could also choose a high-end TV at this price range, but could you carry it around in a bag or adjust the display size at will?

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