May 23, 2024
Sundaram Master

Movie Review Sundaram Master

Today’s theatrical release of Sundaram Master marks the acting debut of Harsha Chemudu, better known by his stage name Viva Harsha. To learn how it is, read the review.

The film Sundaram Master is scheduled for release on February 23, 2024.

Starring are Divya Sripada, Balakrishna Neelakantapu, Bhadram, Harsha Vardhan, and Harsha Chemudu.

Kalyan Santosh is the director.

Sudheer Kumar Kurru and Ravi Teja are the producers.

Director of Music: Sricharan Pakala

Deepak Yeragera, cinematographer

Karthik Vunnava, editor

Sundaram Master movie Story:

Sundar Rao (Harsha Chemudu) shows up as an English teacher in the isolated village of Miryalametta, but he has a secret objective that goes beyond teaching language. How do the villagers who speak English regard him? Is he going to complete his mission? What ultimately takes place? To solve these mysteries, one would need to see the film.

Positive Points in Sundaram Master movie:

In his first leading role, Harsha Chemudu excels, giving a performance full of clever repartee and emotive acting that is evocative of his earlier work.

The villagers’ amusing exchanges with Harsha are skillfully performed, especially in the second half, which highlights the peasants’ innocence.

Balakrishna Neelakantapu and the other members of the cast captivate the audience with their excellent performances.

Negative Points in Sundaram Master movie:

The filmmaker should have kept the narrative more exciting and fast-paced, especially in the second part, to keep the audience interested even though the story’s simplicity is understandable.

With its comic attractiveness, the first half of the picture captivates audiences, while the second half moves slowly and fails to maintain the same level of humor.

Furthermore, there isn’t much of an impact that Divya Sripada and Harsha Vardhan’s characters have on the story as a whole.

Movie Technical Aspects:

Although it is clear that writer and director Kalyan Santhosh wants to entertain the audience, the overall appeal of the picture may have been improved with a deeper plot and screenplay.

The editing by Karthik Vunnava is flawless, but the music by Sricharan Pakala and the cinematography by Deepak Yeragera fall short of expectations. The production qualities are respectable, and the art department has produced some excellent work that should be acknowledged.


With the help of several humorous moments and a respectable performance from Harsha Chemudu, Sundaram Master is nevertheless a passable comic drama overall. It could be a good idea to think about other entertainment options this coming weekend.

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