May 27, 2024
OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2 Review

Two spitters. Two OSs. two GPS units. The OnePlus Watch 2’s name appears to have more significance than simply designating that it is a second-generation wristwatch from the company. The OnePlus Watch 2 differs from the original model in such a significant way that it cannot even be considered a true successor. Raising the stakes considerably, the Watch 2 appears more sophisticated and competent as well, since it runs Wear OS. Permit me to go into further depth.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Design and display

When you first see the OnePlus Watch 2, its timeless, classic design is what immediately draws your attention. Its 2.5D sapphire crystal glass, which is reportedly the second most scratch-resistant material after diamonds, and its polished stainless steel case give it an air of sophistication. The Watch 2 is rather bulky because there is only one 46mm case size available. Choose between one in Radiant Steel, which has a silver steel casing with greenish straps, and one in Black Steel, which has a smoldering black case and black Fluororubber straps. The straps are comfortable to wear for extended periods and have traditional stainless steel buckles.

A 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 466 x 466 and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits is located up front. It produces lovely, vivid colors and is highly sensitive when layered with 2.5D sapphire crystal. Additionally, AoD is supported; however, there is a small drawback in that the bezel surrounding the screen appears quite large.


It would be worthwhile to discuss the cutting-edge technology of the OnePlus Watch 2 to increase battery life before delving into the specifics of its functions. The wearable is unique in that it runs two distinct operating systems and uses two different chipsets: Wear OS (also known as Smart Mode) is handled by a 4nm Snapdragon W5 chip, while RTOS (also known as Power Saver mode) is operated by an efficiency-focused BES2700 chip. Only when its muscle is needed to power Wear OS programs does the dragon awaken from its slumber, so to speak; the BES2700 chip is constantly on and handles all background duties. Long battery life is a goal of this dual-engine design, which functions flawlessly and is something that many Wear OS-powered smartwatches typically struggle with.

The standard functions include weather, timers, alarms, alerts, Bluetooth calling, and alarms. Support for more than 100 distinct sports modes, exercise, steps, sleep, heart rate, stress, and SpO2 are among the health features. I do, however, miss certain health aspects, such as BMI and ECG. Advanced metrics are also available on the OnePlus Watch 2 to track sports like tennis, badminton, skiing, and running.

You can download and utilize a wide variety of watch faces on the device, including ones with retro, digital, analog, and classic aesthetics. You may download a wide variety of third-party watch faces from the Play Store for both free and money, but each time you do so, a notification alerting you that the new face will only work in Smart mode appears on the watch screen. and that one to two days should be anticipated to be lost from the device’s battery life.

Wear OS also comes with pre-installed apps like Calendar, Google Assistant, and others, and you can download more apps from the Play Store. Wear OS seamlessly integrates Google’s apps and services, making it a great platform for using Google products. The 32 gigabytes of native storage could be useful, particularly if you intend to download a large number of programs.

Connectivity between UI and apps

With the OnePlus Watch 2, you can browse installed apps by pressing the home button, swipe down for fast settings, swipe up for notifications, and swipe sideways to view tiles. This is the typical swipe-drive interface provided by Wear OS. If you can get the hang of it, it’s fairly intuitive. You can’t utilize the OnePlus Watch 2 if you’re an iPhone user because this app is only accessible for Android devices. Recall that OnePlus’s initial smartwatch was exclusive to Android as well.

I believe the OHealth app is a little basic, but it works well and is not too difficult to use. You may personalize tiles—widgets that show information when you swipe sideways on the home screen—apart from the watch faces. Along with allowing you to set goals and toggle features like heart rate monitoring, SpO2, stress monitoring, respiratory rate tracking, and more, the app also allows you to manage app notifications and access a ton of health and fitness options.

Battery life, performance, and usage

This is where the Snapdragon W5 CPU really shines, and generally, there are very few hiccups in the usage. The watch functions flawlessly even in Power Saver mode; there are no issues there. The exercise and health data appear to be reasonably accurate, with a reasonable margin of error. It’s usually a good idea to concentrate on trends as estimated over several days, rather than the statistics it presents for single measures or specific days. The battery life, however, is quite remarkable.


At Rs 24,999, the OnePlus Watch 2 is a good value for the money because it offers several features. But in my opinion, OnePlus would have done well to include a smaller case variant as well, since that would have appealed to people with narrow wrists. Things would have been even more intriguing with an LTE model—you could still accept calls, use applications like WhatsApp, stream music, and more—while leaving your phone at home and going for a walk or run. Another minor disappointment is the absence of support for iOS.

All things considered, the OnePlus Watch 2 does provide a lot. In addition to having a strong battery life and excellent health and fitness features, Wear OS support, seamless app support for the Google ecosystem, and a stylish design, the watch also boasts a dual-chip, dual-OS architecture. The cherry on top is the sturdy construction. For those on Android who want a high-end wristwatch without breaking the bank, the OnePlus Watch 2 is an appealing choice.

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