June 18, 2024
Noise Pure Pods

The Noise Pure Pods defy convention with its unconventional open-ear design, making them purportedly the first Open Wireless Stereo (OWS) earphones in India. The wireless audio market has grown significantly in popularity recently, and a wide range of features and pricing points are available in devices. But the Noise Pure Pods’ open-ear design sets them apart from the competition and makes them more effective in some situations. Let’s examine these in greater depth.

Rating: 7.5 / 10


The casing for the Noise Pure Pods is substantially bigger than what we often see with TWS buds. It is manageable to fit the case inside a pocket, nonetheless, because of its smooth-finished, curved, pebble-shaped surface. Naturally, the bulge would most likely still be visible. On the front of the casing, there is a Type-C connector and little LEDs that show the battery level. You can locate the buds within the casing if you pry it open. The Pure Pods have a smooth exterior and an ear hook design. Here, rubber tips are not present.

It’s interesting to note that if you want to use a pair of buds in the manner of a neckband, you can take out the ear hooks and attach the buds to the plastic neckband that comes with the package. The neckband needs to be fastened carefully, and once it is, the buds cannot be placed inside the case to be charged. That is the only drawback. To replace the buds in the case, you would have to unscrew the neckband. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have the Pure Pods neckband-style alternative.


The Pure Pods use air conduction to produce music rather than pressing themselves into your ears. They are equipped with 16mm Neodymium Dynamic drivers. Rather, they sit atop your ears, the hooks providing a snug fit and bearing their light weight. The fit is actually quite comfortable; in fact, you can wear them for hours on end without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Furthermore, since there is very little chance of the buds falling off, the fit is ideal for people who enjoy jogging and exercising. The Pure Pods remain firmly in place on your ears even while you’re cramming for room inside the subway, and this also holds true for people who take public transportation.

Quad mic ENC, IPX5 water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.3 connection are among the other features available. There are also touch controls, and you may control music playing, accept or reject calls, and change volume using tap motions. This also functions fairly well.

Sound quality and battery life

Overall, the Noise Pure Pods provide remarkably high-quality music; the sound is undistorted and crystal clear. Naturally, the buds don’t get very loud, and there isn’t much bass. Nevertheless, noises also seep out. The audio experience isn’t as immersive as it would be with standard TWS earphones, I have to say. On the plus side, the Pure Pods provide unparalleled comfort and eliminate the sense of being trapped in that some people experience with in-ear earbuds. If the atmosphere is calm, the call quality is passable.

Additionally, Noise boasts an impressive battery life, claiming up to 80 hours of playback and up to 180 minutes after a 10-minute charge. If you’re using the Pure Pods with the neckband, you might not need to put them inside the case as frequently as you might think given my experience with the batteries.


The Noise Pure Pods present an intriguing option for their Rs 2,999 asking price. Although the comfort they provide is excellent, they may not provide as deep a listening or viewing experience as TWS earbuds. Fitness enthusiasts will also like the snug fit and the generally good sound quality. With these benefits, I don’t believe that Rs 2,999 is excessive, and the Noise Pure Pods should be a good investment for anyone who don’t find traditional buds to be comfortable and are searching for a good substitute.

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