June 19, 2024
My Life With The Walter Boys, Season 1

Cast: Jaylan Evans, Zöe Soul, Johnny Link, Ashby Gendry, Noah LaLonde, and Nikki Rodriguez

Performed by Melania Halsall

Director: Ciccoritti, Jerry

Netflix is the streaming service.

Spoken: English

Ten episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes, total.

What It Concerns:

Among all genres, romance is one of the most widely read. Every year, millions of romance novels are sold, and in the same period of time, dozens of TV series are created and broadcast. The book of the same name by Ali Novak is adapted as My Life with the Walter Boys. A young girl named Jackie experiences the worst possible tragedies in this tale. After a complicated series of events, Jackie finds herself placed under the Walter family’s guard. She is going to meet the love of her life there.

Examining the script:

Watching the show makes it feel as though My Life with the Walter Boys started as a Wattpad project. Thus, it is evident that this adaptation preserves the main ideas of the original work. This is not to say that anything is bad, because it is not at all, but it should be made clear. There are no outstanding narratives or outstanding cinematic elements in a show like My Life with the Walter Boys. But the show has heart, even if it lacks sophistication.

Why is there so little complexity in the series? As the show goes on, it becomes evident that both the original work and the adaptation aim for the most well-liked clichés within the genre. Tropes are excellent tools that you can use to help construct a story; there is nothing wrong with them. But instead of trying to make sense of them, My Life with the Walter Boys merely makes use of them. In this instance, the tropes just set up the ideal scenario for the ideal teenage romance fantasy, forcing Jackie to share a home with an abundance of attractive boys.

Every primary character embodies a variation of these archetypes, presented in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner. My Life with the Walter Boys lacks depth in terms of characters and storyline, but the show’s core is strong, and the cliches are effective in the first place, drawing you in and drawing you into the scenario. And just like Jackie finds a female friend who thinks she’s amazing and a perfect gay friend, you too join the group and are unable to do anything but watch.

Star Performance:

Most of the actors in the cast of My Life with the Walter Boys are relatively new. This is fantastic. Setting aside criticism of the show’s overall caliber, it is wonderful that productions like this give up-and-coming actors a chance to shine. It looks like we have a few future movie stars on our hands. Specifically, Nikki Rodriguez plays the breakthrough role without a doubt. She is carrying the entire show’s weight. The show will end if she can’t establish herself as a likeable and entertaining character. Thankfully, she succeeds in her endeavor.

But we can’t let Alisha Newton’s contributions go. Although she has a far smaller role than Rodriguez, Newton can shine more throughout because her character is in some ways more interesting. In other shows, her role would make her a target, but here she succeeds in winning over the audience.

Music & Direction:

In terms of production values, the show looks like something from Netflix. The one that unmistakably indicates that we are viewing a very low-budget production, you know? Naturally, the show never gets to the point where it’s uninteresting to watch; on the contrary. But it’s evident that Netflix is not making a significant financial investment in this. At least the entire visual palette makes the series look exactly right for what it is; the scenarios and sets look cheap but sturdy.

Storytelling formulas exist for a purpose. Can they serve as the foundation for something far deeper and more meaningful? Yes, exactly, but sometimes you don’t want a full meal; sometimes something simple is sufficient. My Life with the Walter Boys is obviously intended for a very specific audience. It will be adored by that audience. Even for those audience members who do not belong to that target demographic, the show may still be entertaining. My Life with the Walter Boys does the trick if all you want to do is sit back and unwind; it won’t ask for much from you.

Final Thoughts:

The target audience for My Life with the Walter Boys is anyone who genuinely appreciates the most romantic of tales. Numerous anime series that are released annually share a lot of similarities with the harem-style storytelling. You will therefore enjoy this series if you enjoy that. Although the story doesn’t quite live up to its potential, the cast is full of exciting new talent. It is worth it merely for the fact that the cast and author of the original material will undoubtedly release more in the future.

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