May 23, 2024
EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24, or FIFA 24, as most people would ultimately refer to it, is the company’s most recent offering in their yearly lineup of football simulation games, which generate billions of dollars in sales for EA Sports every year. You may question, why the name change? Okay, so… The international football association’s governing body, FIFA (Fédération internationale de football association), made the decision not to extend its agreement with EA Sports unless the latter was willing to pay more in exchange for using the association’s name in its video games.

rating: 7.5 / 10

Is the game EA Sports FC 24 a whole new creation?

Sadly, it is not the case for those of you who were expecting that EA Sports will release a new game that would address every problem with the earlier iterations. The main gameplay features, game modes, animations, bugs, and even the incredibly irksome microtransactions are all still present in EA Sports FC 24 despite a straightforward rebranding. This isn’t always a negative thing, though, because FIFA has been the greatest football simulation game available for more than ten years. Even with all of its problems, the game can, when played well, bring about happy moments that closely resemble the excitement of watching a real football game.

Game modes and user interface


To be quite honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the FC 24’s menu system’s user interface. On the one hand, I like the game’s new, contemporary-looking graphics and animations, which give it a new vibe. However, the user interface has undoubtedly grown more complex than before. The menus from this year’s game and those from previous year are radically different in terms of intricacy. Although I played the game for almost a week this year, I’m still not entirely sure where I need to go for a given setting or game mode, unlike previous year when I had no trouble navigating among the many game types.

Game modes 

For the past fifteen years, the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA games has been the most played. Since its debut in FIFA 09, this game mode has only been more and more well-liked, turning it into EA’s largest money-making engine. In order to improve your squad throughout the course of the year, you must first create your team from start in this game mode. As always, you have two options: either put in the work and earn FIFA points through real money purchases, or just pay to get the packs. The game modes in Ultimate Team don’t change. Thus, division rivals are still an option for you.

Moving on to other multiplayer modes, you might find it difficult to really appreciate Volta and Pro clubs unless you have a group of pals that love to play together. Otherwise, they are still fun.

In terms of single-player options, you may play as a manager or as a player in Career mode. The game mode seems mostly same from prior years, despite EA adding a few noteworthy presentation features, such the Ballon D’Or ceremony and open bus parades.


For better or worse, FC 24’s gameplay seems a lot like that of the FIFA series. This implies that there will occasionally be bugs that cause players to collide, red cards to be awarded without reason, and even the possibility of becoming stranded in the middle of an online battle. If we are speaking of a fundamental shift at its heart, though, it has taken the form of the Ultimate Team’s playstyles. “PlayStyles basically give specific boosts to the top stars reflecting their real-life abilities,” is how EA puts it. This implies that each football player has a distinct playstyle, including those who were previously deemed below the threshold of “meta” status because of their lack of speed or skill set.

While the real-world game is more faithfully simulated on this side, you may also play with other female gamers and occasionally even outsmart real-world monsters like Patrick Viera, Ruud Gullit, and Virgil Van Dijk. In summary, FC 24 offers a varied range of gameplay elements that contribute to the game’s enjoyable experience. It is entertaining that some of the female players are far better players than the male players since if they hadn’t had very nimble game models, they probably wouldn’t have been as well-liked selections.


My cousin and I were playing FIFA 17 for nostalgia a few days prior to FC 24’s release when we noticed that the game looked better than FIFA 23 (the most recent release at the time) in several areas, particularly the color scheme. Without a doubt, the game has advanced significantly in terms of responsiveness and gaming features, but one of the most contentious aspects of this video game franchise is still its visuals. Even though EA says it’s improving in this area practically annually, the real gains are sometimes difficult to spot.

You will, however, discover that EA has enhanced the game models and player likenesses throughout the cutscenes. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for a significant visual upgrade in this year’s game, you will be let down in that regard.


It goes without saying that EA FC 24 is the greatest football game available right now, as it is a culmination of all the lessons the firm has learned over the years. The game has enough game modes and material to keep you occupied for a whole year, but regrettably, some of the player physics problems remain, the pay-to-win aspect may ruin the pleasure in Ultimate Team, and generally, FC 24 is not much different from the game from last year. In conclusion, I would say that while FC 24 is entertaining to play and holds your attention as very few games can, it is past due for EA to address its enduring problems and provide users a more excellent.

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