May 23, 2024
Masthu Shades Unnai Ra

Movie Review Masthu Shades Unnai Ra

In Masthu Shades Unnai Ra, Abhinav Gomatam, who previously portrayed comedic characters, takes on the role of the lead character. The female lead in the Thirupati Rao-directed film is Vaishali Raj. Let’s examine the movie.

Masthu Shades Unnai Ra, the movie

Date of Release: February 23, 2024

Movie Rating: 2.75/5

Aananda Chakrapani, Moin, Vaishali Raj, Ali Reza, Abhinav Gomatam, Lavanya Reddy, and others in significant roles

Thirupathi Rao is the director.

Producers: Bhavani Kasula, Prashanth V, and Aarem Reddy

Samuel Aby and Sanjeev T. as the music director

Cinematographer: Swayambhoo Siddhartha

Editor: Girijala Raviteja


The artist Manohar (Abhinav Gomatam) has an unexpected wedding day when his fiancée decides to elope. Manohar’s lack of education and adult experience causes his bride to flee with another person, and his family disapproves of him. Inspired by this experience, Manohar sets out to open an off-set printing business, so he attempts to become proficient in Photoshop. Manohar joins a coaching program, where Uma (Vaishali Raj) teaches him. The main plot point of the play revolves around Manohar’s disagreement with Rahul (Ali Reza).

Positive Points in Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Movie:

The movie is an earnest attempt to depict the lives of a child who wants to achieve great things in life. Abhinav Gomatam is performing with great earnestness and has stepped outside of his comfort zone. Despite having no comedic element to his character, Abhinav Gomatam makes an impression with his nuanced performance. Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra undoubtedly shows Abhinav Gomatam’s other side, and it may help him land a variety of jobs.

Vaishali Raj, the female lead, has a fantastic role and performs admirably. It’s entertaining to watch her sequences and the endearing romantic track with the protagonist. Nizhalgal Ravi made a significant contribution and left an impression. Others such as Ananda Chakrapani, Ali Reza, and Moin Mohammed.

There are some interesting moments in both halves, and the hero’s friend’s situational humor is somewhat effective. Abhinav Gomatam has a big business loss and wants to keep it a secret from everyone. The scenes that pertain to this are presented in an orderly manner. There aren’t many sparks in the dialogue, and the wording is generally logical.

Negative Points in Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Movie:

Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra would have been far superior if the group had given the emotional angle greater consideration. Given that the movie is about a character’s journey, the story would have been far better with greater emotional depth. The film has a few poignant moments, but they are not very strong.

The movie’s title is just one more significant flaw. The plot of the movie and the title that was selected are completely unrelated. The title of a film often shapes the audience’s opinion of it, and by choosing a fancy name, the filmmakers have created false expectations in this regard.

The movie also becomes a little monotonous at this point because we already know what will happen in the climactic scenes, which drag a bit. The inferiority complex, which was brought up several times in the movie, isn’t made very evident.

Movie Technical Aspects:

Except for Sanjeev’s music and Samuel Aby’s background soundtrack, other technical elements are subpar. The film’s feel-good atmosphere is complemented by the well-chosen tunes and a pleasing background score. Both the production values and cinematography might have been improved. The movie feels long and sluggish at points, which is a result of poor editing.

Simple moments and situational comedy are used by director Tirupati Rao to keep the picture lighthearted. The film does a good job with certain parts, but the emotional element needs to be done better.

Movie Verdict:

Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra, as a whole, depicts the path of a person who aspires to be successful in life. Despite the honest effort, the proceedings are predictable and the emotional viewpoint is unsatisfactory. This prevents the film from going above a certain point. In a separate role, Abhinav Gomatam dazzles with an authentic performance. There are some interesting moments in the movie, and Vaishali Raj, who plays the lead, does a fantastic job in it. The other negatives are the plodding climax and occasionally poor pacing. You should watch this movie if you don’t mind these negative aspects.

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