May 23, 2024

Actor Thrigun has since produced the movie Lineman. This Hamlet drama was directed by Raghu Sastry; we’ll see how it turns out.

Title of the film: Lineman

Date of Release: March 22, 2024

Starring are Thrigun, Kaajal Kunder, B. Jayashree, Niviksha Naidu, Sujay Shastry, Apoorva Shree, and Harini Srikanth.

Sastry, V. Raghu, director

Purple Rock Entertainer is the producer.

Director of Music: Kadri Manikanth

Film director: Shanthi Sagar H.G.

L. Raghunatha, editor


The film, which is set in the Satthipalli hamlet of the Khammam area, centers on Lineman Natraj, also known as Nattu (Thrigun), and his peculiar choice. In Satthipalli, Devudamma, also known as Jayashree, is a highly respected midwife who has helped women give birth to children for many generations. In honor of Devudamma’s approaching 100th birthday, the entire town organizes a lavish celebration. But to save four lives, Nattu turns off the energy grid. He also tells everyone that there will be no electricity for a few more days. That’s what Lineman is all about: why did Nattu make that decision?

Positive Points in Lineman Movie:

Being a skilled actor by nature, Thrigun played Nattu’s part on screen with ease. His body language, facial expressions, and line delivery are all really good in the second half. The character of the midwife was played brilliantly by veteran actress Jayashree.

Minus Points in Lineman Movie

While the film highlights that no one has the right to take another person’s life, the protagonist severely disrupts the lives of the villagers by turning off the electricity. To preserve four birds, many lives are lost, which runs counter to the main goal the movie attempts to accomplish.

In practice, the solution presented in Lineman is not feasible. A few paper clips that claim that similar things occurred in a few villages are presented at the conclusion. Well, the vast majority of people cannot be blamed for this.

In many ways, mobile phones have become an indispensable component of our lives and are no longer merely for pleasure. It made sense if the film had focused on social media addiction. These elements contribute to the message’s preachy tone. The majority of the time, the execution is pretty poor, and the technical quality of the film is poor.

The first half is completely nonsensical, and the humor is quite grating. Songs appear out of nowhere, and in many scenes, the presentation is similar to that of a daily soap opera. The leisurely pace will put your patience to the test. Subplots and comedy tracks are separate. They are a burden and add no value.

Technical Aspects Movie

The movie receives a low technical score. The production values, cinematography, music, and editing are all subpar. The concept and execution of the movie are not at all compelling. There is no lip-syncing for other performers, save for Thrigun and a few others. The dialogue has been written badly.


Overall, the plot of Lineman is quite dull and the film centers on an odd notion that isn’t realistically achievable. Additionally, there are a lot of scenes in the movie that go counter to the main idea it explores. The only positive aspects of this Hamlet drama are Thrigun and veteran actress Jayashree. Therefore, it’s advisable to select different forms of fun for this weekend.

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