July 18, 2024
Ghost Movie Reviews

Date of Release: November 4, 2023

starring Satya Prakash, Prashanth Narayanan, Jayaram, Anupam Kher, Shiva Rajkumar, and Archana Jois

Leading Man: MG Srinivas

Producer: Nagaraj Sandesh

Director of Music: Arjun Janya

Film director: Mahendra Simha

Editor: Kumar Deepu S

Rating: 2.75/5

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Ghost, a recently released Kannada blockbuster starring Shiva Rajkumar in the title role, has entered the Telugu market. To find out how the film is, read our review.


A bold takeover of a central jail in Karnataka is carried out by an unidentified individual titled Big Daddy (Shiva Rajkumar), and his group takes hostages, including the inmates and Vamana Srinivasan, a former CBI officer played by Prasanth Narayanan. ACP Charan Raj is given the task by the government to settle the dispute and have the former CBI officer released. One must see this movie in order to understand the mystery surrounding Big Daddy’s identity, motivations, and final result.

 Extra Credits:

In the first part of the film, the director skillfully captures the audience’s interest while maintaining a high degree of mystery in the plot. The story advances quickly, supported by well-written action scenes.

Shiva Rajkumar does a great job in a character that doesn’t require a lot of dialogue, which goes well with his affable manner.

Jayaram does a good job portraying Charan Raj, and a strong musical composition elevates a few of the situations.

Negative Points:

The first half of the film has a rather great story and screenplay, but the second half struggles to keep the same level of interest. The film’s latter half suffers from a sense of over-extension as a result of the director’s attempts to maintain attention.

There are a number of grandiose situations in the film that could sometimes make viewers wonder if they are realistic.

There are many scenes, especially in the second half, that might use stronger dialogue. Certain scenes could make you nostalgic for earlier movies, and the flashback episode doesn’t have the same power as a well-written character biography.

One major worry is the dubbing, as the actors’ voices in Telugu do not match the actors’ naturally. Even more unexpected is the difference between Jayaram’s inner monologue and on-screen voice.

Technical Aspects:

The picture finds it difficult to sustain the level of engagement even after the filmmaker presents an interesting plot. A stronger screenplay would have made Ghost a much more successful film.

The soundtrack by Arjun Janya enhances the overall experience of the movie and makes it more appealing. While Mahendra Simha’s cinematography satisfies the necessary requirements, Deepu, the film’s editor, may have improved the viewing experience by making more strategic cuts in the second part of the movie. There is poor dubbing.


Ghost is an average heist action drama overall. With an engaging first half, respectable action sequences, and Shiva Rajkumar’s strong performance, it has its moments. However, the second half of the movie suffers and has too many ridiculous situations, making it a bad picture overall. While it appeals to action fans, it doesn’t provide a truly remarkable cinematic experience for a larger audience.


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