May 23, 2024
Game On

Game On Movie Review

Geetanand’s film Game On is currently showing in theaters. The female lead in the Dayanandh-directed movie is Neha Solanki. Let’s examine the movie.

Date of Release: February 2, 2024

Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Adithya Menon, Madhoo, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Neha Solanki, and Geetanand

Dayanandh is the director.

Ravi Kasturi is the producer.

Director of Music: Abishek AR

Aravind Vishwanathan, cinematographer

Editor: Atluri Vamsi


Geetanand’s character Siddharth is labeled a loser by his friend, employer, and lover. He tries suicide after being demoralized by this, but a call from an unknown number drastically transforms his life. Siddharth begins to receive directives to carry out specific activities in exchange for cash. It is explained to Siddharth that there are regulations for this real-time game. Tara (Neha Solanki) enters his life at this point and begins to love him. The story revolves around how Siddharth’s life was impacted by this real-time game.

Positive Points in the Game On Movie:

Without a doubt, Geetanand is the most important pillar of Game On. With the utmost conviction, the actor portrayed the variations prevalent in his character. Geetanand did a great job of portraying the sorrow of a dejected young man, and when he turned into a strong man, he went all out. Both his on-screen persona and dialogue delivery are excellent.

The brief flashback enhances the proceedings despite its briefness. The second part of the movie holds up well, with a few pivotal scenes. Neha Solanki had a breathtaking appearance on TV. Despite playing a more glamorous character, her expressiveness makes an impression on the audience. Adithya Menon plays his part well. Subhaleka Sudhakar fulfills his obligations.

Negative Points in the Game On Movie:

The film’s primary game is similar to the well-known Korean television program Squid Game. This isn’t a major issue; rather, the screenplay for the movie is the main difficulty. The first half is dull from start to finish but for the heroic performance.

The entire film revolves around three main twists, but none of them are particularly interesting because we can see them coming from a long way away. The excitement component is diminished by these surprises’ predictability.

The character of Madhoo Bala is poorly written. Furthermore, she gives a bad performance that significantly lessens the intensity of the movie’s finale. There will occasionally be annoyance from using the F-word excessively and certain images.

Movie Technical Aspects:

The background score for Abhishek AR is amazing, and he always saves the day throughout the movie. He also writes good songs. Among short films, Game On has one of the greatest looks in recent memory. Aravind Vishwanathan performed exceptionally well. It is evident in every frame of the picture that the producers invested more money in it.

There was room for improvement in the editing, particularly in the initial part. Although director Dayanadh intended to create a chic and polished thriller, he neglected to give the story more thought. It would have been so much better if the twists had been presented more effectively.

Game On Movie Verdict:

Overall, Game On is an action thriller with a few decent parts in the latter part. With this outstanding performance, Geetanand is the heart and soul of Game On, and the flashback sections keep us interested. However, a lot of the spoiler factor comes from the uninteresting initial part and the obviousness of the major turns.

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