June 19, 2024
Seychelles Touris

Seychelles Touris

The island country of Seychelles is situated near Africa’s eastern coast in the Indian Ocean. It is renowned for having exquisite beauty. Out of the 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago, 45 are granitic islands while the remaining 74 are coralline islands. Victoria is the biggest and capital city in it. The Seychelles, known as the “island of love,” is a well-liked location for opulent honeymoons because of its otherworldly beauty. The Seychelles’ three most popular islands are Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

One of the very few places in the world where a tortoise may be seen wandering freely in the middle of the road and causing a traffic congestion is certain Seychelles islands, such as the desolate Curieuse Island! Praslin Island in the Seychelles is home to the Valle De Mai Natural Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The world’s biggest seed, the renowned coco de Mer, grows there. Seychelles is also home to the legendary Aldabra, the biggest elevated coral atoll in the world.

Seychelles Touris Activities in the Seychelles

1. Visit World Famous Anse Lazio Beach

2. Snorkeling

3. Sunbathing

4. Scuba Diving

5. Explore Mahe Island

6. Meet Giant Aldabra Tortoises on Curieuse Island

7. Stay at a Luxury Resort

8. Helicopter Tour

9. Spot Black Parrot & Coco de Mer at Vallee de Mai Natural reserve

10. Copolia Trail

Well-liked Seychelles Packages

Packages Price Days Inclusion
Praslin, Mahe ₹ 70,000* 6 Nights / 7 Days Hotels, Sightseeing, Cruise, Meals
Mahe, Praslin ₹ 40,000* 4 Nights / 5 Days Hotels, Sightseeing, Meals, Other
Praslin, La Digue, Valle de Mai ₹ 44,990* 3 Nights / 4 Days Bus/Train, Cruise, Meals, Bus/Train
Praslin, Mahe ₹ 68,700* 5 Nights / 6 Days Hotels, Bus/Train, Cruise, Meals
La Digue, Praslin, Mahe ₹ 122,222* 6 Nights / 7 Days Hotels, Cruise, Sightseeing, Meals

Ideal Time To Go To The Seychelles

Seaweed accumulates on several beaches in Seychelles due to the effect of trade winds from the northwest and southeast on the island nation’s weather. The northwest wind blows from November to March, while the southeast wind blows from May to September. Because trade winds have the least impact during the shoulder months of April to May and October to November, these are the ideal times to visit the Seychelles. The Seychelles has year-round temperatures of about thirty degrees Celsius, lots of sunlight, a mild wind, and tropical rains. These are the best months to go diving, snorkeling, and seeing animals.

Rainfall occurs year-round in the Seychelles due to its complicated and erratic weather. May through September is the best time of year to sail and windsurf in the Seychelles. On the other side, November through March is typically Seychelles’ least busy travel month. with the event that you visit during these months, you should pick your accommodation carefully because the beaches are typically covered with seaweed. Along with the global holiday season, mid-December to January marks a busy tourism season for the Seychelles.

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