May 27, 2024
Paul Ainsworth at No. 6

Paul Ainsworth at No. 6: At this restaurant, situated in a charming Georgian mansion, patrons are given priority and given a genuine experience. Over the years, Paul Ainsworth has honed his own style, and the menu is a fantastic display of his enormous abilities. In recipes like the famous “Crabsticks and Scones” and the seasonally-changing “CompaƱero baba,” the finest Cornish produce and well-honed ancient techniques serve as the foundation for the inventive and occasionally whimsical cookery. Your stay will be more unforgettable thanks to the knowledgeable, kind treatment.

Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 Address: 6 Middle Street, Padstow PL28 8AP England

Gold Award

When it comes to chefs, Cornwall is spoiled for choice, and Paul Ainsworth is unquestionably the man in charge of Padstow. Everything from his laid-back Caffe Rojano to the Padstow Townhouse, which offers lodging, can be found within a half-mile radius, but his Michelin-starred restaurant at No. 6 is the most noteworthy. This location, which is truly hidden under a gorgeous townhouse front, showcases everything that Ainsworth has to offer.

The well-designed, refined environment meets all the requirements of a classic Michelin dining room, complete with personalized menus that are waiting at your table and immaculately attired servers who are ready to provide first-rate service. The ambiance at the restaurant is cool and collected, and the kitchen reflects this as well.

There are several sweets on the tasting menu, but the most noteworthy is a traditional dish called apple tarte tatin with cheese. It offers a satisfying combination of sweet and savory flavors and makes for a memorable last taste of the dinner.

You have a choice between two distinct wine pairings, one including well-known old world winemakers and the other from lesser-known vineyards, but either way, you can be sure you’re in excellent hands. It is a great thing that this powerful restaurant and chef be at the center of such a little town.

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Make reservations, Wheelchair accessibility, seating, and private dining Offers Table Service, Full Bar, Credit Card Acceptance, and Alcohol Serving

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