May 23, 2024
Happy Ending

Happy Ending Date of Release: February 02, 2024

Rating: 1.5/5

Starring: Anita Chowdhary, Vishnu Oi, Jhansi, Ajay Ghosh, Apoorva Rao, and Yash Puri

Director: Bheemidi Kowshik

Producers: Anil Pallala, Sanjay Reddy, and Yogesh Kumar

Director of Music: Ravi Madarthy

Film director: Ashok Seepally

Pradeep R. Moram, editor

Happy Ending, the newest movie starring Yash Puri, is currently playing in theaters. The female lead in the Kowshik Bheemidi-directed film is Apoorva Rao. Let’s examine the movie.


In his early years, a godman curses Harsh (Yash Puri) after the former unintentionally reveals the actual nature of the latter. According to the curse, everyone with whom Harsh makes intimate physical contact or even just with whom he has romantic fancies would eventually perish. When Harsh meets the yoga instructor Avani (Apoorva Rao), things change. Soon after, they both fall in love, but Harsh is concerned about Avani’s security. Then, what did Harsh do? Did he break the curse or win his love over? Happy Ending is all about this.

 Extra Credits

The protagonist’s early years are featured in the film’s intriguing opening sequence. In the first few minutes, we are drawn in by the curse and the subsequent events. With his understated performance, Yash Puri does his best to enhance the movie, and in a few sequences, he really shines.

Apoorva Rao is a valuable addition to the field. It’s a good idea that the main character is attempting to find her own identity. The entire movie featured the actress’s outstanding performance. Despite this being Apoorva’s debut movie, she did a great job of mouthing her lines, and even her facial expressions were perfect.

Negative Points

Happy Ending’s biggest flaw is its clumsy narration. The plotline could have been told in a funny or heartfelt way, but it was presented in the most uninteresting way imaginable. The screenplay is unfocused and lacks focus, giving the impression that the story is stuck in a loop rather than progressing. Although Yash Puri does well, we are unable to empathize with him or feel the pain he endures, and this is entirely the result of the poor writing. Even after the female lead learns about the protagonist’s curse and fears, Harsh’s character continues to worry without seeking out the truth, leaving the audience wondering what the big deal is?

The separate scenes are unconnected and have no purpose. Furthermore, we become really irritated by certain pointless conversations. In the first hour, there are a few situations with Vishnu Oi that make you giggle, but even that doesn’t last in the second hour. It is difficult to sit through the full second half since it puts our patience to the limit. The supporting cast is largely inactive.

Technical Aspects

It’s merely mediocre music composed by Ravi Madarthy. Ashok Seepally’s cinematography is passable. The production values are decent.

Kowshik Bheemidi, the director, might have performed far better. The movie’s premise may have made it a decent entertainment, but its terrible execution makes it less enjoyable. The product might have been lot better if the writing had been better.


Happy Ending is a tedious movie that really puts our patience to the test overall. Given its theme, the movie ought to have been an intensely entertaining picture or an emotional roller coaster, but regrettably, it comes to naught. Even if the lead duo performed a fantastic job, the picture suffers from tedious narration, a disorganized second half, a lack of emotional depth, and grating language.

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