July 18, 2024

Expats: Nicole Kidman, Ji-young Yoo, Brian Tee, Jack Huston, and Sarayu Blue comprise the cast.

Author: Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang is the director.

Watching on: Prime Video on Amazon

Language: (subtitled) English

Six episodes totaling around an hour in length.

What Is It Concerning

The experience of being an immigrant is unique because various people have varied ideas about what it means to go to a new nation and start over; some adapt quite well, while others never truly succeed in establishing roots. Living in a foreign culture is not an easy feat, and Lulu Wang’s new series Expats, which is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, explores this universal truth.

Script Analysis

Foreigners seize the opportunity to narrate the tales of three ladies who reside in Hong Kong under various conditions. Even still, the fact that none of them are from China or Hong Kong causes them to already feel cut off from their surroundings. One of the areas where a lot of foreigners go to hunt for employment is Hong Kong. Many of these individuals earn their life here, and for them, the city is like a desert oasis. But it’s obvious that they will never be a part of Hong Kong, no matter what.

The tale is nevertheless interesting enough to make the program worthwhile to watch even in instances where there seems to be a bias toward making the female characters the major focus. Even if the three main characters aren’t the most enjoyable to hang out with, you will still find some little points of commonality with them because they are all quite different ladies. This is a drama, so don’t anticipate a lot of humor; the main theme is the difficulty of surviving and moving past disaster.

Star-Studded Performance

Without a question, Nicole Kidman is one of the greatest of all time. Her most recent roles, meanwhile, have seemed identical since during the past ten years, she has portrayed several suffering moms. That’s not a bad thing, but even if Nicole is doing a fantastic job on the program, I feel like she should be doing something bolder and a little bit outside of her comfort zone. She is capable of much more than just being a suffering mother forever.

Direction and Musical Selection

With The Farewell, Lulu Wang demonstrates her ability to achieve the ideal balance between intimacy and distance without ever veering into melodrama. She is acting similarly in this instance because, despite the intensity of the sentiments, there isn’t a major emotional outburst lurking around every corner. Instead, the most dramatic occurrences take place when the character struggles to maintain composure under duress, which gives the characters a lot more convincing depth. Wang is aware that when characters are constantly sobbing and yelling, the shock impact of those times decreases significantly.

The series features a strong presence of Hong Kong thanks to the stunning photography, and the music effectively immerses us in this unfamiliar and exotic world that will be foreign to most viewers. There are also an occasional few that show up and provide amusing and perhaps frightening situations. The show’s composer, Alex Weston, does a superb job of crafting a fresh composition for each circumstance while preserving a feeling of identity for each piece without resorting to clichés.

Expats Final Words

Expats is a captivating and enjoyable drama that takes the risk of delving into a very specific point of view that is rarely covered by mainstream media. It features outstanding acting, combining established stars like Nicole Kidman with up-and-coming talent, excellent music and cinematography, and an atmosphere that feels remarkably realistic given the circumstances. This is Amazon Prime Video’s finest start to 2024, and it won’t be the last because the streaming service has a few highly anticipated series this year.

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