May 23, 2024
Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Review

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana is the latest film directed by Shiva Kandukuri. The Purushotham Raaj-directed movie debuted in theaters today. Let’s ascertain the situation.3

The film is titled Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana.

Date of Release: March 1, 2024

Rating: 2.75/5

Starring: Venkatesh Kakumanu, Sivannarayana, Surabhi Santosh, Rashi Singh, Devi Prasad, Varshini Soundararajan, Siva Kumar, Shafi, and Shiva Kandukuri

Director: Raaj Purushotham

Producers: Karthik Mudimbi, Shashidhar Kasi, and Snehal Jangala

Vijai Bulganin and Sricharan Pakala are the music directors.

Goutham. G is the cinematographer.

Editor in Chief: Garry Bh


The plot takes place in the border region between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, where a serial killer kills women and disposes of their bodies in a forest. The murderer takes those women’s heads with him. Oddly enough, not even after these fatalities are reported as missing. It is difficult for police officers to solve the case when there are missing heads and no missing reports. Despite his best efforts, Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana (Shiva Kandukuri), a part-time detective in that region, is unable to uncover any information on the killings. He is personally involved in these murderous sprees. What’s that? Who is the murderer? What is his catchphrase? For what reason is he removing the heads of the dead? This is a component of the core of the film.

Positive Points in Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Movie:

The entire film is centered on an intriguing central idea. The movie becomes intriguing when it is revealed that the same is connected to a mythological tale. The performance of the main villain was excellent, and the pre-climax and climax scenes turned out fairly nicely.

Shiva Kandukuri, the protagonist, made significant changes from Manu Charithra, his previous film. The actor does a quite decent job of changing into the investigator, and it fits him. As the movie draws to a close, Shiva Kandukuri’s performance becomes even more impressive. In her part, Rashi Singh is passable. Others do admirably in their assigned jobs.

The well-designed images enable us to feel the enigmatic atmosphere of the movie. The VFX and art direction teams performed a great job. Both the house set in the climactic episode and the small-town setting are masterfully constructed. The production quality is excellent.

Negative Points in Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Movie:

Because today’s audiences are more sophisticated, filmmakers must exercise extreme caution, particularly when producing these suspenseful whodunit mysteries. The thrill element is absent from Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana┬ásince it is easy to figure out who the murderer is. We won’t be surprised when the major plot twist is disclosed. Instead, we’ll wait to find out the motivation behind the crimes.

These kinds of thrillers require an engaging background score, but the movie falls short in this regard. The unimpressive background score diminished the impact of the scenes’ depth. Numerous dialogues are inaudible due to the poor sound mixing. the twist’s disclosure and the mythical allusions.

The first half lacks a consistent rhythm and sense of continuance between scenes, making it appear disjointed. There were several attempts to include humor, but the comic situations didn’t work out as planned. Although the presentation falls short, the main idea captures the audience’s interest to some level.

Technical Aspects Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Movie:

Both the background score and the songs fall short of expectations. As was previously mentioned, poor sound mixing detracts from the viewing experience. In addition, the film’s running length might have been shortened. Goutham. G’s images are strong and further the story.

little by little, Purushotham Raaj’s direction comes together. Although the story isn’t very good, the main idea manages to keep our interest for a while. The overall impact is also hampered by technological errors. A few sections of the probe and the final twenty minutes are handled cleanly.


Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana has an intriguing plot overall, however the narrative falls short of elevating the picture to a higher plane. The scenes in the first half don’t make sense and appear jumbled, but the second half is good and coherent. The movie’s last minutes in particular are excellently done and provide plenty of excitement. Shiva Kandukuri played the detective role quite well. The film would have been far superior if the technical issues had been fixed. You can try Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana if you don’t mind these disadvantages.

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