June 19, 2024
105 Minutes

105 Minutes Date of Release: January 26, 2024

Rating: 1.5/5

Starring: Motwani, Hansika

Raju Dussa, director

Maker: Bommak Shiva

Sam CS is the music director.

Director of photography: Kishore Boyidapu

Editor: Vadavali, Syam

Today, the experimental film 105 Minutettess, starring actress Hansika Motwani, debuted on huge screens. Check out our review to see how it performs.


When Hansika Motwani’s character, Jaanu, a young beauty, returns home after her shopping on a rainy night, she finds unsettling things going on. Is her home haunted by some demonic force? What or who is frightening her? What ultimately transpired? The solutions to these queries can be found in the film.

 Extra Credits:

The picture has been billed from the beginning as an experimental single-character, single-shot film, which has generated a lot of intrigue. To some extent, it lives up to this description.

In the limitations of her position, Hansika Motwani, who plays the only character Jaanu, gives a passable performance. She blends in with the different settings and emotes well.

Negative Points:

It’s vital to remember that the movie isn’t purely a single-shot project, despite the director’s admirable desire to make a single-shot movie with a lone figure. To provide the impression of a continuous take, the director uses editing methods and takes artistic license with the film.

Whatever the plot, “105 Minuttess” fails to provide a cogent and “understandable” narrative, which is exactly where the film fails. Viewers can get the impression after a short while that the filmmaker plans to explain the events’ causes throughout the course of the following hour.

Technical Aspects:


In his roles as writer and director, Raju Dussa falls short. Although there could have been a plan to reveal more in a possible sequel, this movie’s execution is far from flawless. There’s no depth to the plot.

Sam CS is a good player, so one would think he would score heavily, yet his lackluster performance surprised everyone. He could have written a soundtrack that actually made the listeners flinch given the topic. Kishore Boyidapu, the cameraman, deserves praise for his efforts, especially in the draggy situations. Both editing and production values are adequate.


Overall, 105 Minuttess is a torturous horror movie with no value, save for Hansika’s “passable” performance and the cinematographer’s efforts. It’s best to avoid this movie and look into other things to do throughout the weekend.


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