May 23, 2024
Rakshak India's Braves S2

Rakshak India’s Braves S2 Review

The three-part documentary, which is based on true events, follows DYSP Aman Thakur and Naib Subedar Sombir Singh as they valiantly battle dangerous militants in the Kulgam area in the wake of the Pulwama tragedy. This is Rakshak India’s Braves S2 Story.

Rakshak India’s Braves S2 Story Review

Days after the tragic Pulwama Attack on an army convoy, this second part honors the bravery of the men in uniform who gave their lives in close combat with terrorists classified as A++, who are first on the security forces’ hit list, in the Kulgam district. The narrative opens in the aftermath of the Pulwama incident, introducing the audience to the friendship and bravery of DYSP Aman Thakur (Vishwas Kini) and Naib Subedar Sombir Singh (Barun Sobti). The song resists the need to depict a full-fledged brawl and stays realistic. The story then shifts to capturing the militants who had sneaked into Jammu and Kashmir to launch another assault.

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Animitra Chakravarti’s tight writing and director Ajay Bhuyan’s directing guarantee that viewers will remain captivated in the series for the duration of each 30- to 40-minute episode. Following a quick setup of the plot, the chase scenes and confrontations between the terrorists and the soldiers make for an exciting and suspenseful start to the main action. Sadly, the writer-director team falls short of living up to the suspense that has been built up, leaving you on edge until the very end. But when they both die in battle, it is both tragic and uplifting. The program deftly portrays the highly charged moments these soldiers go through in combat, as well as how their families provide for and run their lives.

Barun Sobti, who earlier portrayed a police officer in “Kohrra,” now flawlessly embodies the qualities of a valiant and devoted soldier. As a J&K police officer, Vishwas Kini excels with his courageous deed. In her little screen time, Surbhi Chandna, who portrays Sombir’s wife, Alka Singh, is passable. Though their characters may have been more compelling, Aayaam Mehta and Rajat Kaul’s adversaries are convincing

The series ends on an emotional note with brief interviews with the families of the real-life heroes, much to the movie “Rakshak: India’s Braves Chapter 1.” This podcast is a great choice if you enjoy hearing true-to-life accounts of the valor of men in uniform.

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