June 18, 2024
Raju Yadav

Film: Raju Yadav Date of Release: May 24, 2024, Starring: Santosh Kalwacharla, Mirchi Hemanth, Jabardasth Sunny, Ankitha Kharat, Ananda Chakrapani, and Getup Srinu Krishnamachary is the director. K Producers: Prashanth Reddy and Rajesh Kallepalli Music directors: Suresh Bobbili and Harshavardhan Rameshwar Sai Ram Uday D.F.Tech., cinematographer; Bonthala Nageswara Reddy, editor

The well-known comedian Getup Srinu became a hero in the Raju Yadav film. The female lead in the Krishnamachary-directed film is Ankitha Kharat. Let’s examine the movie.


A cricket ball hits Mahabubnagar native Raju Yadav (Getup Srinu), completely upending his life. Raju Yadav has a facial condition as a result, which causes him to smile constantly. Raju’s family is unable to pay for the surgery that the doctors recommend for him. Raju’s life is not going well until one day he meets Sweety (Ankitha Kharat) and falls in love with her right away. The main plot point is how Sweety altered Raju’s life.

Positive Points in Raju Yadav Movie:

The protagonist is required by Raju Yadav’s character to keep the same expression no matter what happens in the film. Even though this is a difficult challenge, Getup Srinu did a great job in this romance drama. Even in situations where the screenplay is weak, the performer makes an effort to make the movie stand out.

Several humorous sequences with Getup Srinu and his companions make people laugh. The hero’s father, Ananda Chakrapani, performed admirably, and the poignant scenes involving him and Getup Srinu at the conclusion are pleasing.

Minus Points in Raju Yadav Movie:

While the premise of Raju Yadav‘s work is intriguing, the screenplay falls short in this regard. The creative team was unable to turn the intriguing concept into an exhilarating ride. The majority of the movie is dull, with badly written moments that don’t say anything.

The audience was prompted to examine Raju Yadav’s heroine’s portrayal since it bears a strong parallel to the female lead roles in a few successful blockbuster films. As a result, nothing very interesting happens in the film, and it’s easy to predict where it will end. Despite Ankitha Kharat’s excellent performance, the well-known plot thread makes it difficult for us to relate to her role.

Not everything about the movie is the same as it seems. Raju Yadav lacks emotional depth and the entire length is filled with dull parts, except the finale sequences. There are a lot of sequences that require patience, but the editing is not up to par.

Technical Aspects:

The songs of Harshavardhan Rameshwar are ok. Suresh Bobbili’s background score is merely passable. Sai Ram’s cinematography is good, and the production values are respectable.

Krishnamachary’s direction isn’t up to par. Although the authors used a tried-and-true formula, the prose falls flat. In addition, the hero’s actions are inconsistent and the film lacks clarity.


Raju Yadav is a boring romance drama overall with a plot that has been overdone recently. Getup Srinu does a decent job portraying the character, and a few entertaining situations work. However, the remainder of the film is incredibly dull, and the action is inconsistent. Raju Yadav is therefore a poor film to watch.

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