June 18, 2024

The exhilarating roller coaster that AK Saajan’s Pulimada offers spectators surprising twists and turns. But the movie falters at key moments, which lessens the attraction of its captivating story a little. Joju George plays the main character, Vincent Skaria, a 40-year-old police officer who resides in a rustic ancestral home. His conventional background and masculine chauvinism have shaped his desires, which include wanting a wife who stays at home.

Character Dynamics and Plot

As Vincent’s complicated past comes to light, it becomes clear that considering his mother’s past, he fears falling victim to mental illness. When the bride elopes, Vincent goes on a rampage, shattering the happiness of an upcoming marriage. Still dressed for the wedding and inebriated, he finds comfort in a dubious encounter.

A meeting with Mahishmati

One fateful night, Vincent crosses paths with the free-spirited Mahishmati (Aishwarya Rajesh). As they get to Vincent’s house, what starts off as a sequence of strange incidents turns into something more sinister. Concurrently, a rogue tiger and a police search team under the command of Vincent’s associate Ambu (Chemban Vinod Jose) become entangled.

Storytelling and Acting

Saajan deftly demonstrates later in the narrative that Vincent’s mind is the true “tiger’s den”. A remarkable portrayal of Vincent’s variety of emotions, including shame, fury, lust, fear, and regret, is given by Joju George.

Technical Mastery

The film’s terrain is given life by seasoned cinematographer Venu, who enhances Vincent’s nuanced mentality. In key moments, Anil Johnson’s background score elevates the cinematic experience.

Resolution and Climax

Even with Saajan’s experienced direction, the movie ends in a way that leaves the spectator confused. The initial pursuit of the tiger becomes less important, and the twists lose their intensity.


Pulimada features outstanding performances and engrossing visuals that take viewers on a stormy voyage into the protagonist’s head. Despite having a poor resolution, the movie is nevertheless a worthwhile cinematic experience.


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