May 27, 2024


A complex connection between two people is explored over several years in the 14-episode romantic comedy series One Day. It is based on a novel by David Nicholls.


A wonderful romantic comedy, “One Day” is emotionally poignant and worth binge-watching. When Emma (Ambika Mod) and Dexter (Leo Woodall) first meet at their graduation celebration in 1988, there’s a sense of love in the air. Though their love story doesn’t exactly go as planned, sparks ignite. As the years go by, their historical tie only gets more intricate and entangled as they move apart.

Mod and Dexter represent the ups and downs of their changing relationship with amazing chemistry and finesse, giving their characters depth and realism. Throughout the entire season, their on-screen interaction keeps viewers completely captivated, from lighthearted banter to poignant exchanges.

In keeping with the spirit of David Nicholls’ best-selling book, director Nicole Taylor’s adaptation adds a touch of modern appeal while preserving the essence of a traditional British love story. Each site has been carefully selected and expertly captured, contributing to the immersive experience that has been portrayed over the years. The production qualities are excellent.

Emma’s character arc may have been enhanced by more attention to her familial issues, even though the main characters’ romance journey takes up much of the attention. But the excellent supporting cast makes sure that the story stays interesting and well-rounded, with each character adding something unique to the whole.

With 14 episodes, “One Day” is bound to feel overly long, with several plotlines veering off course and pacing problems in some episodes. Nonetheless, the series’ skillfully written storyline and compelling performances allow it to keep its charm and energy.

Overall, “One Day” is a commendable addition to the rom-com genre because it skillfully combines romance, comedy, and drama. Even the most ardent cynics may relate to the series because of its likable characters, gorgeous scenery, and touching moments.

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