July 18, 2024
Novotel Hyderabad Airport commemorates its Crystal Anniversary.

Novotel Hyderabad

The Novotel Hyderabad Airport commemorates the crystal anniversary of its illustrious journey. To honor the significant contributions of its staff and other stakeholders, the property created the “Heartiest Gratitude Week.” For both visitors and employees, the facility fosters a distinctive sense of spirit and participation.

Over the past few years, the property has increased its efforts to promote innovation and excellence. The upgrade of the amenities, including the lobby, the Gourmet Bar (GB), and the Food Exchange (FE), as well as the installation of Patch and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, were done to improve client pleasure.

Novotel Hyderabad

The hotel organized a lavish celebration as part of “Heartiest Gratitude Week” to convey their appreciation. The anniversary celebrations for Crystal began with a delectable brunch for the staff.

Sukhbir Singh, General Manager of the Novotel Hyderabad Airport, gave a speech at the event and stated, “Our 15-year journey has been a wonderful adventure, distinguished by devotion and a relentless enthusiasm for delivering excellent guest experiences. Our accomplishments, including recent breakthroughs and revolutionary improvements, are a credit to our entire team’s unshakable dedication. As we move forward, we are unwavering in our commitment to exceed guests’ expectations and preserve our tradition of innovation.

As Novotel Hyderabad Airport commemorates this important milestone, the establishment expresses its sincere gratitude to its valued patrons, partners, and the entire Novotel Hyderabad Airport staff for their steadfast support throughout the year.

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