May 27, 2024
Noise Fit Force Plus New Watch Review

According to the most recent IDC data, Noise Fit Force Plus is ranked second in the nation’s fitness watch market, making it one of the top brands in the industry. The other leading brands in the inexpensive league are Boat and Fire-Boltt, for example. These companies work together to control the market by launching new products frequently and competing with one another in terms of functionality and design. I tested these claims, and these are the results. My review of the Noise Fit Force Plus is coming up.

rating: 4 / 5

Listing of Contents:

  • Design and display
  • Features
  • UI and app connectivity
  • Usage, performance, and battery
  • Verdict

Design and display:

The tough design of the NoiseFit Force Plus, which draws inspiration from the Casio G-Shock watch line, is its main selling point. Noise’s product sticks out in black (other colors include grey and blue) and does look really good, especially if you prefer bulky timepieces.

Additionally, the gadget has an IP67 classification that protects it from water and dust. Fortunately, it is simple to replace and employs quick-release pins and a standard 22 mm width.

The AMOLED 1.46-inch circular display has a peak brightness of 550 nits and a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. As a result, it reads easily and vibrantly in direct sunshine. Though I believe there is room for improvement in the touch response, in all, the display is pretty good. In addition to the clock, it displays the day, date, battery life, and steps taken.

Features: The NoiseFit Force Plus has all the standard functions one would anticipate from a fitness watch. Along with basic capabilities like an alarm, stopwatch, timer, reminders, music control, and weather, it can display notifications from an attached smartphone. Along with auto workout identification and compatibility for up to 130 sports activities, the device can monitor travel using the GPS of a paired phone.

The device’s support for voice calling over Bluetooth 5.3 is one of its primary features. It employs a single chip and the company’s Tru Sync technology, according to Noise, which facilitates a flawless connection. This simplifies and eliminates hassles associated with pairing.

UI and app connectivity: The majority of the operation is touch and swipe-based. A variety of non-customizable widgets, including heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress, and one that presents a scrollable overview of your physical activity, alarms, weather, and the aforementioned health indicators in one location, may be accessed by swiping sideways. Pressing the button on the bottom right displays the list of newly added workouts.

Battery life, performance, and usage: There isn’t a significant learning curve and usage is generally easy and intuitive. Data regarding steps taken, sleep patterns, heart rate, and other metrics all appear to be in good shape.

Decision: At a selling price of Rs 3,999, the NoiseFit Force Plus is reasonably priced. For your money, you get a bulky watch that looks good and is durable, has a beautiful display, clear Bluetooth calling, and is sure to be a reliable workout partner.

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