July 18, 2024

Date of Release: May 12, 2023

Starring are Katta Antony, Nalla Sreedhar Reddy, Venkata Ramana Ayyagari, Navdeep, Bindu Madhavi, Nanda Gopal, Ramesh Konambhotla, Purna Chandra, and others.

Director: Sri Prawin Kumar

Producers: Vivek Kuchibotla and TG Vishwa Prasad

Director of Music: Suresh Bobbili

Cinematography: Anantnag Kavuri, Vedaraman, Prasanna

Editor: Bainaboyina Srinivas

 Rating: 2/5

Newsense is a web series created by People Media Factory, a thriving production company in Tollywood. The primary cast of the show, which includes Navdeep and Bindu Madhavi, attempts to depict the negative aspects of the media. So let’s observe the situation.


The story revolves around a few stringers in the Madanapalle press club and is set in the 2000s. They report either fake information or omit facts because they accept money from politicians. Shiva (Navdeep), a stringer, lives by the maxim that one should make money even if it means causing harm to others. He is completely enamored with Neela (Bindu Madhavi), a reporter for a local news channel. Even when everything is running nicely, the stringers start to get annoyed with Edwin (Nanda Gopal), the new SI of Madanapalle. The main plot point of season one is what transpired next.

Extra Credits:

The show’s fundamental concept is intriguing in and of itself. In fact, it takes courage for the creators to address such a delicate but important subject. The show has a few brilliantly written and thought-out moments that highlight the negative aspects of the media industry. These few sequences, which show how politicians employ a few members of the media to whitewash their wrongdoings and how the truth is sold, will startle the audience.

Navdeep was outstanding, and it was wonderful to see someone of his kind playing a lead role. It’s not easy to play a flawed character, but Navdeep does it with nuance and maturity in this performance. Though she has little time on screen, Bindu Madhavi did a good job delivering her line.

Things get really fascinating when Nanda Gopal, playing Edwin, enters the scene. Despite having a smaller role in Newsense season 1, he still manages to catch viewers’ attention with his powerful performance that includes a hint of irony. Others function satisfactorily in their roles.

Minus Points:

The storyline isn’t compelling enough to leave viewers with a wow impression, despite the show’s obvious promise. Screenwriters should avoid giving the audience any breathing room when dealing with these kinds of themes and instead write a compelling screenplay. However, the pacing is incredibly poor and there is excessive lag in several moments. As a result, Newsense season 1 also adds itself to the list of programs that have great potential but poor implementation.

The first episode itself showed how a few stringers work unethically for money.

The first season finishes in a way that is disappointing given the makers’ intention to distribute the show in two seasons. There’s not enough intrigue to make you want to wait for the second season. Though they are scarce, good scenes are present.

Technical Features:

Suresh Bobbili has a respectable background score. Kiran Mamidi’s artwork does a decent job of recreating the 2000s. There are good production values. The editing crew ought to have worked more to get rid of the extra slowness.

Regarding the series, Sri Prawin Kumar, the director, performed merely mediocrely. The plot of Priyadarshi Ram is intriguing, however, his screenplay isn’t very strong. The show would have been strong if the director and screenwriter had focused more on the storyline.


Overall, Newsense season 1 leaves some impressions. We pay attention to Navdeep’s earnest performance and a few strong moments. Furthermore, the conclusion falls short. Because of the directors’ daring and sincere effort, Newsense turns out to be a watchable film.

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