July 18, 2024
New Apple Pencil (2023) with a USB Type-C Port

The iPad Pro’s Hover mode is supported by the latest Apple Pencil (2023), although pressure sensitivity and the double touch tool switch feature are not supported.


  • Apple Pencil (2023) can be magnetically attached to modern iPad models
  • Apple’s most recent stylus also supports hover mode on the iPad Pro.
  • You’ll need a USB Type-C cable to sync the new Apple Pencil with your iPad.

The business introduced the Apple Pencil (2023) on Tuesday as a more cost-effective option to the Apple Pencil model, which is the second generation. The 10th generation iPad, released last year, and previous iPad models with a USB Type-C connector, such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini, may be magnetically attached to the side using the new stylus’s flat edge and matte surface. Some sophisticated capabilities available on the more costly (2nd generation) are not supported, nor does it allow wireless charging.

Features and cost in India:

  • The revised pricing of the Apple Pencil is Rs 7,900, and it will be offered on the company’s Indian website starting in early November.
  • iPad models compatible with it include the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation), iPad Air (4th and 5th generation), iPad 10th generation, and iPad mini 6th generation. All iPad models with a USB-C connector are also compatible with it.
  • Dimensions and weight: Its weight is around 20.5 grams. Its dimensions are 7.5 mm by 155 mm.
  • Connectivity: It has a built-in USB-C connection for pairing with the iPad, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Charging: To enable charging, just slide the pencil’s cap to reveal the USB-C connector. Refill it with a USB-C cable plugged in. It rests and conserves battery life when it is magnetically fastened to an iPad that is compatible.
  • Features for input: According to Apple’s advertisement, the Apple Pencil USB-C variant has high accuracy, low latency that simulates the sensation of a real on paper, tilting for effects like shading, and hover capabilities with an M2-powered iPad Pro that allows you to preview a mark before you actually write it down.

Features and characteristics:

A sliding mechanism at the top of the stylus conceals the USB Type-C connection seen on the recently released Apple Pencil. It may be magnetically attached to the side of contemporary iPad models with a flat edge, however unlike the 2nd generation, it cannot be charged wirelessly; instead, a cable is still required for pairing.

The new stylus is compatible with the Apple Pencil hover mode, which is exclusive to the more costly second-generation and not available on the first-generation model. However, the pressure sensitivity function that is included on both the original and the Apple Pencil (2023) is not supported by the Pencil.

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