June 18, 2024
My Name Is Shruthi

Date of Release: November 17, 2023

Starring: Adukulam Naren, Hansika Motwani, Praveen, Raja Ravindra, Murali Sharma, Pooja Ramachandran, and Prema

Director: Omkhar Srinivas

Burugu Ramya Prabhakar is the producer.

Director of Music: Mark K. Robin

Director of Photography: Kishore Boyidapu

Chota K. Prasad, editor

Hansika Motwani returned to the big screen today with her role in the Telugu film My Name Is Shruthi, her first role in three years. To find out how the film is, read our review.


At her Hyderabad-based advertising agency, Shruthi (Hansika Motwani) is involved in an unforeseen occurrence at her apartment. After taking her into custody, the police questioned her and solved a number of puzzles. What happened at Shruti’s apartment, how MLA Gurumurthy (Aadukalam Naren) is connected to it, and how Hansika settles the dispute are all addressed in the film.

 Extra Credits:

Bright actress Hansika Motwani tackles a new subject and does a fantastic job, particularly in the second part.

Director Srinivas Omkhar tries hard to tell this story, yet he manages it with such skill.

The second half keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with a compelling plot and some clever twists.

Apart from Hansika, Murali Sharma and Praveen depict commendable personalities, and the other performers do a respectable job in their parts.

Negative Points:

The director could have explored the skin mafia notion more thoroughly, even though the chosen plot is good. Adding details about actual occurrences would have given the story more depth. Although Hansika’s performance keeps things interesting, a few sequences might use some work.

While there are enough twists and a well-narrated second half, the director falls short by not keeping the first half’s fast-paced and sensual screenplay.

In her Telugu comeback, veteran actress Prema portrays a distinct role. Nevertheless, the writing squanders a chance to portray her unfavorably and to offer her additional screen time to highlight her performance.

Technical Aspects:

Although the film is expertly directed by Srinivas Omkhar, the overall impact may have been enhanced by giving the first half of the movie more of the same attention as the second. Both the production values and the cinematography are respectable.


Overall, there are exciting moments in My Name Is Shruthi, which is a thriller. The standout elements include Hansika Motwani’s respectable acting and the captivating plot with plenty of twists in the second part. The downsides, meanwhile, are a plodding first half and a weaker plot. This weekend, thrill-seekers can watch this movie.

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