June 18, 2024
Month of Madhu

Date of Release: October 06, 2023

Rating: 3.25/5

Starring with Gnaneswari Kandregula, Raja Chembolu, Manjula Ghattamaneni, Harsha Chemudu, Naveen Chandra, Shreya Navile, and Swathi Reddy

Director: Nagothi Srikanth

Yaswanth Mulukutla, producer

Director of Music: Achu Rajamani

Director of Photography: Rajeev Dharawath

Editor: Perupu Ravikanth

The much-awaited movie Month of Madhu, starring Swathi Reddy and Naveen Chandra, finally opened in theaters today. See what this movie has to offer by reading our review.


Lekha (Swathi Reddy), who has been married for twenty years, chooses to divorce Madhusudhan Rao (Naveen Chandra). Concurrently, Madhumitha (Shreya Navile), an NRI adolescent, travels to Vizag to attend her cousin’s wedding. She inadvertently runs into Madhusudhan and gains access to his private life. And what happens next? Does she strengthen their bond or does she sever it further? Why does Lekha wish to break things off with Madhu? In the end, what decision does Lekha take? The solutions to these queries are provided in the film.

Extra Credits:

Known for putting up passable performances, Swathi Reddy once again gives a standout performance, convincingly capturing the essence of two different stages of her life: adolescence and adulthood. She does a fantastic job of capturing the sharp emotional contrasts between these two phases.

In the part of a man struggling with anger management and deeply ingrained gender stereotypes, Naveen Chandra is excellent. His depiction of a disturbed drinker is reminiscent of actual circumstances.

A key character in the movie is Shreya Navile, who plays Madhumitha. She fits in perfectly as an NRI who lives life on her terms and is unaffected by societal conventions. The rest of the actors do a respectable job portraying their parts.

Negative Points:

The main flaw in the movie is its thin plot, which is spread out across a long two hours and twenty minutes. A shoddy screenplay and poor writing lessen the impact of the performances by the main performers.

Although a slow build-up is OK in the first half, continuing at the same lazy tempo into the second half becomes a major nuisance, as Month of Madhu shows.

Because of the shallow presentation of writer-director Srikanth Nagothi, the tale finds it difficult to hold the audience’s attention.

Manjula Ghattamaneni and Raja Chembolu are two examples of characters who don’t really affect the movie. Harsha Chemudu’s comedic scenes should have been scripted more skillfully.

Technical Aspects:

While assuming the roles of writer and director, Srikanth Nagothi is unable to create a gripping story with interesting dialogue.

Although passable, Achu Rajamani’s score falls short of leaving an impression. Rajeev Dharavath’s cinematography provides occasional moments of enjoyment, but Ravikanth Perupu’s more concise editing may have shortened the running length.


Even though Swathi and Naveen Chandra give excellent performances, Month of Madhu is often a drab and uninteresting film experience. The picture suffers from a slow screenplay, weak narrative, and the inclusion of pointless scenes in both parts. It could be a good idea to think about other movie options for your weekend’s amusement.

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