June 19, 2024
Marshall Woburn III

Marshall Woburn III: There’s hardly much in the audio business as instantly recognizable as the Marshall emblem. Although the Woburn III wireless speaker from the company isn’t exactly a recent release, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. And as anticipated, this gadget turned out to be a real rock star. Allow me to explain.


The Woburn III is the leader of Marshall’s wireless speaker lineup, and although it lacks a battery, it isn’t really portable. Despite its size, it is readily movable throughout the house. An attractive, vintage style with a mesh front with Marshall’s script logo and a fake leather finish is available.

A panel with dials and knobs and a flick switch to turn on the gadget is finished in brass and sits on top. Tiny lights surround the knobs to show what level they are set at. Overall, the speaker has a classy appearance and superb fit and finish.

App and connectivity

A source button, a 3.5mm aux port, rotary knobs for volume, bass, and treble, a play/pause key, and a flick switch for power are among the ports and controls on the top panel. A two-pin connector for connecting the power cord, a woofer port, an HDMI port for connecting to a TV, and stereo RCA inputs are located on the back. There is no Wi-Fi, however Bluetooth 5.2 is available for wireless communication. and that’s really the sole weakness in its armor, in my opinion. That and the lack of support for high-definition codecs such as aptX and AAC. The speaker exclusively backs SBC. It would have been fantastic to have had Wi-Fi access, potentially with AirPlay and Google Cast as well.

On an iPhone or Android phone, Marshall does provide a companion app that you can install to update firmware, change input sources, adjust volume, bass, and treble settings. However, there isn’t a multi-band EQ. In addition, the app has a night mode that muffles harsh noises and placement adjustment that modifies sound output according to the speaker’s positioning—freestanding or against a wall, for example.

Audio quality

In this regard, the Marshall Woburn III excels. With its loudness and powerful bass, its 90W sub, two 15W midrange drivers, and two 15W tweeters provide sound that can rock the house. More significantly, it has a rich, full sound that suits most musical genres and doesn’t distort even at loud settings. The sound quality at low settings is also excellent, so you won’t need to turn the volume up too much unless you’re hosting a party and/or don’t care about your neighbors. The bass is punchy enough even at low settings, and it doesn’t get muddy as the volume goes up.


The Marshall Woburn III is quite expensive at Rs 59,999, but that actually isn’t shocking. It is positioned in the luxury area and has the Marshall name. The Woburn III is a great addition to your house if you can afford it because of its excellent audio quality and user-friendliness. Furthermore, with its sophisticated, recognizable appearance that exudes luxury, it may even improve the decor of your space, giving the impression that this speaker looks as wonderful as it sounds.

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