June 19, 2024
Mark Antony Timepass comedy-drama Movie reviews

Date of Release: 15 September 2023

Vishal, SJ Suryah, Sunil, Ritu Varma, Abhinaya, Redin Kingsley, and Y.G. Mahendran are the stars.

Adhik Ravichandran, director

S. Vinod Kumar, producer

Director of Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematographer: Ramanujam, Abhinandan

Vijay Velukutty, editor

Rating: 4/5

The versatile actor Vishal has now created a sci-fi gangster action drama called Mark Antony, in which the amazing SJ Suryah plays a second lead role. The advertising content for the film, directed by Adhik Ravichandran, has aroused the interest of the audience. With much anticipation, the movie debuted in cinemas today. Watch how things stand.


Antony (Vishal) and Jackie Marthanda (SJ Suryah) are close friends. They are in conflict with another mobster, Ekambaram (Sunil), because they are gangsters themselves. Antony leaves the town after Ekambaram kills him one day. Jackie is demanding that Ekambaram pay for the death of his friend. Antony’s son Mark (Vishal) is nurtured by Jackie, who regards Mark as more important than his own kid Madhan (SJ Suryah).

Mark, who despises his father, makes ends meet by working as a mechanic. When he finds a phone that allows one to speak with people from the past, the story takes a surprising turn. The central question of the movie is what impact the phone has on Mark, Madhan, and Jackie’s lives.

Plus Points:

Mark Antony begins by successfully delivering entertainment in both parts. A unique telephone is used to produce the humor. The entire comedy is predicated on a set of rules pertaining to how the aforementioned phone is supposed to operate.

The screenplay is nothing unique; there have been a few films like this before, but what makes Mark Antony work are SJ Suryah and Vishal’s outstanding performances. They are without a doubt Mark Antony’s heart and soul and give the movie a new perspective.

Vishal is an excellent mechanic as well as a mobster. The son role is adorable, but the parent persona is intense. It’s admirable that he demonstrated the differences between the two jobs. Vishal also exudes confidence on screen. The combat scene on the double-decker is well done. When it came to the CGI development of Silk Smitha, the team performed admirably.

Every single time, it’s impossible not to fall in love with SJ Suryah. The performer is flawless in Mark Antony as well, and his sense of humor is delightful. The creators do a fantastic job incorporating SJ Suryah’s signature style and swagger. Kudos to the casting crew for matching SJ Suryah and Vishal.

Minus Points:

Mark Antony is a movie with an excessive number of characters. The movie requires full concentration; if one is even slightly distracted, one won’t be able to follow the proceedings.

The speech is poor, and there are a few sequences with elevation that will make us think of other movies. The first half of things slowed down a little after a strong start. The tunes, however, are the biggest letdown. They are bad and disrupt the flow by acting as speed bumps. Every time a song starts, the film becomes a rough ride. The finale lacks impact and is therefore unimpressive. Sunil’s persona could have been more vividly rendered.

Technical Aspects:

Although G.V. Prakash’s songwriting falls flat, the film’s tone is complemented by an excellent background score. The production design is striking, and the historical period is shown in an elegant manner. Abhinandan Ramanujam’s cinematography complements the work of the production design team. The editing is merely passable. There are good production values.

Mark Antony was handled fairly well by director Adhik Ravichandran. His goal was to give the audience a crazy journey, and by experimenting with the idea, he was able to add some humorous moments. If the music had been chosen with more consideration, it could have been better.


Overall, Vishal and SJ Suryah give strong performances in this mafia action drama, Mark Antony, which is worth watching. There are a fair amount of enjoyable moments in both parts, and the sci-fi element has been employed to produce enjoyment. For Mark Antony to enjoy the events and the chaos, he needs to pay close attention to detail. The initial part of the film drags a little. The ending is disappointing, and the songs are subpar. The movie is ultimately worth watching as a pass time, provided you can get beyond these issues.

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