June 19, 2024
Mansion 24 Hotstar's Telugu series

Date of Release: October 17, 2023

3 out of 5 stars

Starring: The following people: Amardeep, Manas, Abhinaya, Nandu, Ayappa Sharma, Rajeev Kanakala, Jayaprakash, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Satya Raj, Avika Gor, Bindhu Madhavi, Archana Jois, and others

Director: Ohmkar

Producers: Kalyan Chakravarthy, Ashwin Babu, and Ohmkar

Director of Music: Vikas Badisa

Film directors: B. Rajasekhar

Editor: Narayan Adi

Ohmkar, a former anchor who is now a director and well-known for his horror movies, has created a horror television series called Mansion 24. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Satya Raj, Avika Gor, and other actors play the main parts in the series. Disney Plus Hotstar is presently offering it for streaming. Watch how things stand.


Investigative journalist Amrutha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) works in the field. After leading an excavation, her father, archaeologist Kaalidas (Satya Raj), vanishes. According to the police and archeology authorities, Kaalidas stole some priceless antiques. The media portrays Kaalidas as a traitor, which has an impact on Tulsi, Kaalidas’ wife’s health. Amrutha makes the decision to solve the puzzle of her father’s disappearance. She learns that prior to going missing, Kaalidas paid a visit to an old estate. Everyone advises Amrutha not to go to the mansion, saying that whoever went there didn’t come back. However, Amrutha decides to visit that mansion anyhow. What was it that she saw there? How is her father doing? Did Amrutha try to solve the puzzle? The focus of the series is this.

Plus Points:

A few short stories are collected in the series. The narratives involving KGF celebrities Archana Jois and Nandu are captivating. Even though the stories weren’t brand-new, they were told in an interesting way. Bindhu Madhavi, Nandu, and Archana Jois gave strong performances.

Mansion 24’s superb production design is even more remarkable. Ashok Kumar, the art director, did a fantastic job and appropriately established the tone for a horror series. Beautiful images perfectly complement the production design. In her role, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar performs passably. In their small roles, Abhinaya, Avika Gor, and Rajeev Kanakala performed admirably.

Negative Points:

The first three subplots fall flat and don’t excite the viewer. Although the narrative style is comparable to that of Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai, the stories ultimately lack impact. On paper, the tale with Avika Gor is good, but the way it was carried out was a spoiler, as there are no terrifying or tense moments. Instead, it ends on a dull tone.

Technical Features:

The music and background score by Vikas Badisa are excellent, but the weak script dilutes them. Rajasekhar’s cinematography is outstanding. The production values are good, and the series has a rich appearance. There was room for improvement in the visual effects. The director’s vision is reflected in the editing. Regarding Mansion 24, Ohmkar, the director, performed poorly. As previously said, there are a few short stories in the series, but just two of them are interesting. The other stories don’t leave an impression. Ohmkar combines elements of horror and comedy in his horror films. It’s perfectly OK that the filmmaker of Mansion 24 stuck with the horror theme exclusively.


Mansion 24 is, all things considered, a horror movie that mostly focuses on conventional horror aspects. A few subplots are impressive, but the most don’t really make an impression. The actors don’t have much room to express themselves, and the main plot is badly constructed. The show concludes in a conventional way, and the major twist is readily foreseeable. Mansion 24 primarily gains from its superior technical qualities, which include a strong background score, gorgeous images, and an amazing sound design. However, the whole experience is unsatisfactory.

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