June 18, 2024
Lingoccha is A disappointing drama about love Evaluation

Date of Release: October 27, 2023

Starring: Uttej, Thaguboth Ramesh, Balveer Singh, Supyardee Singh, Kunal Kaushik, and Karthik Rathnam

Directors: Bada Anand

Producer: Raju Yadagiri

Director of Music: Due to Raj

Editors: Bada Shashikanth & Maddy

 Rating: 3.5/5

Famed for C/o Kancherapalem and Narappa The latest film from Karthik Ratnam is called Lingoccha. The film, which was directed by Anand Bada, debuted in theaters today. Watch how things stand.


Lingoccha, which takes place in Hyderabad’s Old City, tells the story of Shiva (Karthik Rathnam) and Noorjahan (Supyardee Singh), who have been infatuated with one another since they were young children. Shiva waits for Noorjahan despite her abrupt departure for Dubai. When Noorjahan returns to India after a long absence, the pair renews their romance. Anwar (Kunal Kaushik), Noorjahan’s brother, is against their love, though. The main plot point of the narrative is the difficulties that the couple faces.

Extra Credits:

Proven artist Karthik Rathnam makes another impressive impression with Lingoccha, the young actor’s project. It is delightful to witness him portray Shiva in such a sincere and organic way. His passionate outburst in the climactic sequence is a testament to his talent.

As the main female character, Supyardee Singh is quite remarkable. Her body language and facial emotions are perfect, and she gave her job full justice. There was too much chemistry between Suyardee and Karthik Rathnam. It’s okay, with a few enjoyable parts in the first half.

Negative Points:

The oldest storyline of Lingoccha is its worst flaw. The girl’s parents are against their relationship, and the lead pair are not followers of the same religion. Since there haven’t been many movies lately with original concepts, it matters how those everyday stories are told. However, Lingoccha’s story lacks excitement and is chock full of uninteresting moments.

The second half was dull from beginning to end, while the first half was passable. The intended effect is absent because the hero and heroine’s conflict point isn’t developed sufficiently. Although the intended point makes sense, it hasn’t been communicated well. The final part of the story sees a major character change for the hero. This is hurried, and the filmmaker might have done a better job of presenting the material.

As the movie goes on, the tempo becomes a little slow, and the editing crew could have done a better job. In numerous scenes, the intended humor fell flat. The character of the heroine’s brother is ill-conceived.

Technical Aspects:

director of music because Raj handled Lingoccha fairly well. The Old City has been caught fairly effectively, and the pictures are good. The editing was far from perfect. It’s a good production value.

Anand Bada, the director, chose a cliched plot and delivered it in a dull voice. The conflict point isn’t handled adequately, and the movie might have benefited greatly from greater attention to this detail. Even though the ending is satisfactory, by then one is bored.


Lingoccha is an old-fashioned romantic drama with a dated plot overall. Although the film’s lead performers, Karthik Rathnam and Supyardee Singh, did a respectable job, the narrative isn’t very interesting. Lingoccha is a tedious film because of its weak second half, however, the first half gives a few good moments.

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