May 27, 2024
LG Tone Free Fit review: For fitness enthusiasts

LG Tone Free Fit review:

LG Tone Free Fit review: The LG Tone Free Fit TF7 is a wonderful starting point if you’ve never heard of LG’s TWS headphones. These earbuds are loaded with features, despite their fairly lengthy name, which may interest you. The LG Tone Free Fit TF7 costs about Rs 13,000 in India. Continue reading to learn why they are almost the ideal wireless headphones for casual users utilizing an Android or iPhone, as well as sports and outdoor enthusiasts. After wearing these earphones for well over a month, I must admit that I didn’t really miss my AirPods Pro.

Rating: 8.5 Stars!

Decent battery lifeMulti-point connectivity can be finicky
Solid fit and durabilityMulti-point connectivity can be finicky
User-friendly companion app
Rich sound, good ANC


The LG Tone Free Fit TF7 earphones are packaged in a pebble-shaped housing that, while not particularly elegant-looking, feels good in the hand. The case’s lid and other surfaces have a textured finish that works well to deter scratches and withstand stains. For charging, there is a USB Type-C port at the rear. A charge indicator and a UV nano light are located on the front edge. Yes, the device has an integrated ultraviolet (UV) light that effectively kills off hazardous germs from the earbuds, delivering a cleaner and better listening experience for your ears.


Although there were some complications when pairing with an iPhone, the Free Fit earbuds include Bluetooth 5.3 and function effectively. They do, however, provide a useful multi-device pairing feature and maintain a strong connection once connected. The user experience is improved by this functionality, which makes switching between devices simple.

These wireless earbuds have an app for Android and iOS smartphones that offers a variety of options for modifying the earbuds’ functionality, much like any other wireless earbuds. The app provides three pre-set sound modes and allows you to adjust ANC and ambient sound settings. Noise cancellation and ambient sound modes are both readily switchable on and off. Additionally, the app enables you to fine-tune the equalizer settings and makeup to two unique sound profiles.

Battery Life

Without ANC, the Free Fit claims to last 10 hours on a single charge; however, the case may retain 20 extra hours. In total, the device has a battery life of 30 hours (10 hours on the earbuds and 20 hours on the case). The earbuds lasted 7 hours on a single charge during our testing, and the case provided two additional charges at most, for a total of 15 hours. These numbers are with ANC on, which is fairly impressive given that we constantly had ANC activated.

Awesome Sound and Noise Cancellation

The Free Fits provide amazing sound quality despite their small size. They were perfect for bass-heavy music since even at high volume levels, the soundstage was fairly broad and the bottom was snappy without being overpowering.

The Tone Free Fit earphones have hybrid active noise canceling and ambient mode. The ANC is modest, and the noise-cancelling performance is acceptable. They effectively block midrange noises, but high-pitched noise might still be heard. Both ambient modes allow for the gentle isolation of surrounding sounds to seep through. The ambient mode doesn’t really sound any different; it just sounds muted.


An IP67 rating, a well-fitting design, and a useful companion app are all features of the LG Tone Free Fit TF7. The Natural EQ option of the equalizer sounds fantastic and gives the earbuds new dimensions. Nevertheless, during extended sessions, the controls could occasionally stop working and the connection might suddenly break. Though not outstanding, the ANC is respectable. Even though not everyone may find the bacteria-killing charging case to be desirable, it serves its purpose. Overall, the LG Tone Free Fit is a great companion for fitness enthusiasts. For others, you can also have a look at them, but there are other, superior options from Sony, Jabra, and other manufacturers that you may consider.

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