May 23, 2024
Kumari Srimathi Review: A fantastic With a splash of humor, Nithya Menen leads a story about rural entrepreneurship.

Kumari Srimathi Review: A fantastic With a splash of humor, Nithya Menen leads a story about rural entrepreneurship.

Kumari Srimathi Review: Kumari Srimathi, a seven-episode web series from director Gomtesh Upadhye, centers on an unmarried 30-year-old woman who hopes to win her ancestral home through a legal battle.

Rating: 3 Stars!


Nitya Menen, Thiruveer, Nirupam, Gauthami, Talluri Rameswari, Prem Sagar, Usha Shree, Praneetha Patnaik, Murali Mohan, Gavi Reddy Srinivas, Dr. Vijaya Krishna Mohan


Gomtesh Upadhye


Staccato and Kamran


Srujana Adusumilli


The series is set in Ramaraju Lanka and follows Srimathi (Nitya Menen) and her uncle Keshava Rao (Prem Sagar) as they compete for an ancestral land. Srimathi makes a commitment to her grandfather as a child that she will never sell the house. Keshava Rao appears in court with a will deed stating that his father transferred the property into his name. Keshava Rao signs a sale agreement with another party, but the court refuses to approve it since it is ancestral property. Kumari Srimathi Review
The court also gives Srimathi the opportunity to buy the house and gives her six months to secure the necessary finances. However, Srimathi works as a chef and makes a pitiful living. She receives advice to launch a business from her neighbor Sriram (Nirupam). The rest of the series is based on what Srimathi did after that.

Plus Points

The notion of a family feud over ancestral property has been handled numerous times before, but what distinguishes Kumari Srimathi is the way it is packed with clean humor and family emotions. The major goal was to keep the audience entertained throughout, and the creators did a good job of it. Though a few one-liners appear dated, most of the lighter moments work in the show’s favor.

The show subtly emphasizes women’s empowerment without being overly preachy about it. The main character opens a bar and restaurant, and she also has to deal with the resentment of the villagers who claim that the company is ruining their way of life. Later, Nitya Menen offers a workable remedy for it, and this is an illustration of strong writing. A notable hero makes a particular cameo in the same, beautifying it.

Minus Points

It wasn’t managed well how to handle the romantic music. Even though Nirupam and Thiruveer did a good job in their jobs, the impact isn’t there. Additionally, it’s because of the staging of their scenes. These tracks may make the proceedings difficult to follow.

In a few mid-episodes, the momentum wanes, but after Nitya Menen launches her venture, things pick up again. The climax seems hurried, and the pacing might be a little slow at times. The show may have advanced if it had a satisfying conclusion.

Final Verdict

Overall, Kumari Srimathi is a respectable comedy-drama that subtly explores women’s empowerment. The comedic segments mostly succeed. There were several amusing moments, and Nitya Menen and Gautami gave strong performances. However, as was already observed, several sections could have been handled more effectively, and the pacing occasionally lags. Nevertheless, this weekend’s episode of Kumari Srimathi is worth watching.

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